[Recipe] "Rice cooked with clams" with steamed sake soup.
An exquisite recipe packed with umami! Introducing the recipe for "rice cooked with clams" that uses the "steamed soup" that can be made by steaming clams with sake.
Material ( For 2 people )
Clams 1 pack
Cooking sake 1 tablespoon
Mentsuyu (or soy sauce) 1 tablespoon
Carrots 1/2
Rice 2 go
ginger 1/2
Your favorite ingredients such as mushrooms Appropriate amount
Recipe "rice cooked with clams"

An exquisite recipe packed with umami! Introducing the recipe for "rice cooked with clams" using "steamed soup" made from steamed clams.

■ Materials
1 pack of clams 1 tablespoon of cooking liquor
1 tablespoon noodle soup (or soy sauce)
1/2 carrot, 2 rice, 1/2 go ginger, 1/2 mushroom, etc.

■ How to make
After removing the sand and putting the well-washed clams in a frying pan, add cooking liquor to make sake steaming.

Recipe "rice cooked with clams"

When the clam's mouth opens, turn off the heat and remove yourself from the shell. Strain the juice left in the frying pan with kitchen paper.

Recipe "rice cooked with clams"

Cut the ingredients such as carrots and mushrooms, and chop the ginger into small pieces (ginger is your choice).

Put the washed rice in a rice cooker, add the steamed clam soup and noodle soup, and pour water up to the water level when cooking normally. Add the ingredients you cut earlier, mix them lightly, and set them in the rice cooker.

Recipe "rice cooked with clams"

Once cooked, stir lightly and top with white sesame seeds, perilla, green onions, etc. to complete!

■ The umami that spreads softly
When you put it in your mouth, the taste of the clams spreads softly! The soup stock of clams is combined with other ingredients and rice to make it delicious enough to be eaten with a single set. In addition to carrots and mushrooms, adding fried tofu will add even more richness.

Recipe "rice cooked with clams"

"Takikomi gohan with clams" using steamed soup to fully enjoy the taste of clams. Please do try that out.