Simple recipe for "chicken and turnip soup"

Recommended for midnight snacks! Here is a summary of the soup recipes that the En-eating editorial department actually made and was delicious. "Chicken and turnip soup" and "ginger and vegetable consomme soup". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe page.

・ Ginger and vegetable consomme soup
You can eat it the day after you eat a little too much, when you have little appetite, or when you tend to get sick! Introducing a simple recipe " Ginger and vegetable consomme soup " that will make you feel relaxed.

Simple recipe "Ginger and vegetable consomme soup"

When chewed, the vegetables simmered in a lump make you feel a slight sweetness and richness of consomme. Especially the turnips are delicious ...! It's perfect for when your stomach is a little tired or the day after you eat too much.

・ Plenty of clam chowder
You can eat plenty of vegetables and clams! Satisfaction ◎ Introducing a simple recipe for " Clam Chowder with plenty of clams". A mellow and delicious cup.

Simple recipe for "Clam chowder with plenty of clams"

The mellow soup is soaked in the flavor of consomme and the richness of clams. Satisfaction is high because it contains plenty of vegetables! Even if you use clams instead of clams, it will be delicious.

· Warm chicken and turnip soup
unwind, soup with turnip " chicken and turnip soup will introduce a simple recipe."

Simple recipe for "chicken and turnip soup"

The chicken broth is well-done, so even if it's lightly seasoned, it's delicious! Hokuhoku turnips are also soft and delicious! It is also recommended to add shichimi pepper or topping with plenty of white onions if you like. It's perfect for a midnight snack when you're hungry!