Rice with chestnuts


Easy Recipes Summary

Here is a collection of easy recipes using the autumn taste of chestnuts! In addition to recipes, we also introduce tips on how to boil and peel chestnuts. Click on the text link to jump to the detailed article page.

Wok-fried Chicken and Sweet Chestnuts

Wok-fried chicken and sweet chestnuts

Here is a recipe for "Wok-fried Chicken and Sweet Chestnuts" using chicken and sweet chestnuts. You can enjoy the combination of plump chicken and sweet chestnuts in this Chinese-style dish.

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Rice with Chestnuts

Rice with chestnuts

You don't have to peel the chestnuts, so it's easy! This article introduces "Rice with Chestnuts" made with "Ama-nuri mukidashi" (sweet chestnuts).

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Wings and Chestnuts in Oyster Sauce

Braised chicken wings and chestnuts in oyster sauce

Here is a recipe for "Chicken Wings and Chestnuts in Oyster Sauce," a Chinese-style dish with chicken wings and chestnuts. The sweetness of the chestnuts adds a nice accent to the moist chicken wings.

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Chestnut and

Aimono Cro

Chestnut and Aimono Croquettes

Here is a recipe for "Chestnut and Aromatic Croquettes". The sweetness of the chestnuts is added to the smooth flavor of the potatoes! The fact that they can be deep-fried and baked with little oil is also an easy point.

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Easy Mont Blanc

Easy Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is a chestnut dessert that is a must-try in the fall and winter. If you use commercially available peeled chestnuts, you can easily make it at home! The moist, chewy sweet chestnuts and rich butter combine to create an elegant flavor that you will not want to miss.

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Tips on how to boil and peel chestnuts

Tips on how to boil and peel chestnuts

Here are some tips on how to boil and peel chestnuts. Add salt to plenty of water and cook slowly.

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Peeling We introduce a simple and easy way to peel chestnuts. Chestnuts can be easily peeled by freezing.

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Easy way to peel chestnuts