Fish music "tuna two-color bowl"
This is 500 yen

At the sushi restaurant "Totoraku" in Yodo, Kyoto, you can enjoy the insanely cospa-friendly "Sushi-ya-san-don". Especially recommended is the most popular "tuna two-color bowl". The more you take it for 500 yen (excluding tax), the more you can taste the tuna!

● 3 minutes walk from Yodo station

Uoraku is about a 3-minute walk from Yodo Station on the Keihan Main Line toward Katsuragawa.

Uoraku in Yodo, Kyoto
Uoraku near Yodo Station

The shop itself is not that big, and there are only counter seats inside. Tea and water are self-service. However, the shopkeeper is very friendly and the customer service is warm, so even a single woman can enter without any hesitation.

● The most popular "tuna two-color bowl"

The usual amount of rice, which is about two cups, is filled with two types of tuna, lean tuna and negitoro.

Fish music "tuna two-color bowl"
Two-color tuna bowl, regular serving

The lean, smooth texture of the tongue has a refreshing taste that exudes umami enough to chew. On the other hand, Negitoro melts softly the moment you put it in your mouth, and the sweetness of the fat and the rich richness melt. The rice that catches this is sushi rice. I wonder how many pieces of sushi you have for this ...!

You can eat them separately, or you can eat lean meat and Negitoro at the same time. It's hard to do such a luxury.

Fish music "tuna two-color bowl"
It doesn't decrease even if I eat it

It's a recommended way to eat, but even if you sprinkle soy sauce on it, it will overflow, so at first you can taste the tuna itself without sprinkling anything. Reset your tongue with fragrant nori seaweed and bittersweet green onions, and after enjoying the tuna for a while, add soy sauce again. Melt wasabi to your liking!

Fish music "tuna two-color bowl"
Drop the soy sauce at the right time

If you add 30 yen, you can make the rice sushi rice. On the contrary, Komori is discounted by 30 yen. This time, I made it a normal serving, but despite being quite hungry, it was a volume at the critical point.

The tuna two-color bowl is the strongest in COSPA, and it is so popular that it may end at lunch time. If you absolutely want to eat, you may want to visit immediately after the store opens (11:00).

If you think you've eaten too much like I do, why not take a walk along the Katsura River, which runs nearby, without feeling hungry?

View of Kyoto Katsura River
Katsura River at dusk