Washoku SATO "roast beef festival"

The "Roast Beef Festival" is held from November 11th to the beginning of December at Japanese restaurants and each store. "Roast beef bowl (single item)" "Roast beef salad udon / soba" "Stick sushi (roast beef)" "Yukke style roast beef" "Roast beef and tomato vinegar salad" lineup.

Roast beef festival

It is held as a "festival for meat lovers". Using roast beef that is particular about the production area so that you can fully enjoy the taste of red meat, there will be a menu where you can enjoy various flavors such as rice bowls, udon noodles, soba noodles, stick sushi, and vinegar salad. Also, until the end of November, a special menu using roast beef will be offered even at To go.

Washoku SATO "roast beef festival"

Roast beef bowl (single item)

Washoku SATO "roast beef bowl (single item)"

A bowl of special roast beef with plenty of meat, special salty soy sauce that goes well with meat, iodine eggs, and light. The price is 988 yen (tax included, same below). In addition, a "double" (+440 yen) that doubles the roast beef and a "triple" (+880 yen) that triples the roast beef are also available.

Roast beef salad udon / soba

Washoku SATO "roast beef salad udon / soba"

Salad udon with special roast beef, lettuce and sliced onions, where you can enjoy meat and vegetables together. It is a dish that you can enjoy by entwining iodine eggs and light with a combination of mayonnaise and special noodle soup. The price is 988 yen.

Stick sushi (roast beef)

Washoku SATO "stick sushi (roast beef)"

A new sense of meat sushi. It is finished in stick-shaped sushi that you can enjoy visually. The price is 273 yen.

Yukhoe-style roast beef

Washoku SATO "Yukke-style roast beef"

A dish that you can enjoy by mixing iodine eggs and light. The point is sesame oil. The price is 548 yen.

Roast beef and tomato vinegar salad

Washoku SATO "roast beef and tomato vinegar salad"

A salad with a lot of lean roast beef and sweet and sour fruit vinegar. Taste with tomatoes. The price is 438 yen.