FamilyMart "Godiva Supervised Chocolate Frappe" and "Godiva Supervised White Chocolate Strawberry Frappe

FamilyMart "God

iva-supervised Chocolate

Frappe" and "Godiva-supervised White Chocolate Strawberry Frappe"

From the "FAMIMA CAFE" frappe series made with coffee machine milk, "Godiva-supervised Chocolate Frappe" and "Godiva-supervised White Chocolate Strawberry Frappe" will go on sale on April 30. Each is priced at 460 yen (tax included).

Godiva-supervised Chocolate


The "Godiva-supervised Chocolate Frappe" has been on sale for a limited time since 2021, and has sold more than 5.5 million cups in total. In addition to the rich chocolate flavor with the highest cocoa content in the history of Famima Frappe, a new white chocolate flavor accented with sweet and sour strawberry sauce will also be available.

The new flavor is supervised by Yannick Chevorot, Executive Chef Chocolatier/Pastry Chef of Godiva Japan, the world's leading premium chocolate brand. Godiva's chef-chocolatier has put his passion into the creation of this special frappe.

Mr. Yannick Chevreau

An unprecedented amount of chocolate is used, combining several types of cacao to create a rich and balanced chocolate flavor experience. Several types of chocolate and chocolate chip textures have been carefully selected to create a unique and exciting flavor experience with every sip. The use of 60% cocoa chocolate in the chocolate chips enhances the flavor of the frappe and provides a lingering taste.

FamilyMart "Godiva supervised chocolate frappe

White Chocolate Strawberry Frappe

This frappe blends the smooth sweetness of milky white chocolate with the refreshing accent of strawberry pulp. The harmony of the milky sweetness of white chocolate and the sweet and sour taste of strawberry pulp has been carefully selected to create a refreshing and seductive frappe. The perfect balance brings a refreshing and luxurious taste with every sip.

FamilyMart "Godiva Supervised White Chocolate Strawberry Frappe".

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