Hamazushi "Takeaway bowl" 4 types including special Hokkai bowl and 7 special seafood bowls

At each Hamazushi store, a new To go product "To go bowl" will be released on February 25th.

As the number of people eating at home is increasing, Hamazushi sells 6 types of "To go bowls". This time, four kinds of bowls, which are perfect for the celebrations such as graduation and entrance ceremonies, will be released.

"Special Hokkai Don" with plenty of salmon, scallops and salmon roe, and "Special 7 kinds of seafood bowl" with 7 kinds of special ingredients such as medium fatty tuna, live sardines, and red shrimp. Is a product that looks gorgeous. In addition, the "Negitoro Yukhoe Don" accented with spicy yukhoe sauce and white-haired green onions, and the "Sweet-loving two-color bowl" developed for sweet shrimp lovers, where you can enjoy sweet shrimp, salmon, squid, and pink shrimp. Is a product that you can easily enjoy with one coin.

In addition, for a limited time, we are also conducting a campaign to sell all products taken home at 5% off by ordering from the Web.

* You can make a large serving of sushi rice for the first time in a To go bowl with all products plus 50 yen (tax included) * All prices include tax * Scheduled to start at 529 stores (as of February 22)