FamilyMart x Jutsu Kaisen Collaboration Campaign

FamilyMart x Jyutsu Kaisen Collaboration


The "FamilyMart x Jyutsu Kaisen Collaboration Campaign" in collaboration with the second season of the TV anime "Jyutsu Kaisen" "Shibuya Incident" will be held at FamilyMart stores from October 17, 2012.

In addition to the sale of "Jyujyukaisen" collaboration products, customers who purchase the collaboration products during the campaign period and use Famima's "Famipay" application to collect stamps will be entered into a drawing for a limited-edition luxury campaign prize. In addition, original campaign-limited goods will be given away with the purchase of eligible products.

In addition, original videos of Gojo Satoru CSO will be distributed, collaboration goods limited to in-store and Famipay Web reservations, and "Famima Print," which allows users to print bromides with designs limited to FamilyMart at the store's multi-copier, will also be available.

FamilyMart x Jyutsu Kaisen Collaboration Products

A total of five types of collaboration products will be available in this collaboration. In addition to bread, salad, okonomiyaki, and soup, a limited number of Chinese steamed bun bags will be available in three original designs.

Torajo Eugene's Meatball Pot-Style Soup

FamilyMart "Torajo Yujin's Meatballs Hot Pot Style Soup".

This soup is inspired by Eugene Toraje's recipe for meat dumpling hot pot, which appears in episode 13 of the anime "Jyujusanpo. The light and gentle Japanese-style soup with chicken broth is topped with chicken meatballs, harusame (bean-starch vermicelli), and vegetables that are a staple of nabe. Needle ginger accents the flavor. Specifications of the meatballs vary by region. Priced at 450 yen (tax included, same as below).

Fushikuro Megumi's Tamanu White and Black Okonomiyaki

FamilyMart "Fushikuro Megumi no Tamanu White and Black Okonomiyaki".

The "Jade Dog White" and "Jade Dog Black," two of the "Shikigami" summoned by Fusekuro in the "Ten Kagei-Houjutsu," are represented in this okonomiyaki with black okonomiyaki sauce with squid ink and white mayo. The three ingredients used inside are pork, shrimp, and squid, and are inspired by the characteristics of shadows that can hide all kinds of things. Price: 598 yen. Excluding Okinawa Prefecture.

Tuna Mayo Salad with Gumaki Spine

FamilyMart "Tuna Mayo Salad with Gumaki Spine

Tuna mayo, a part of the Gumaki's vocabulary, is now available as a salad. Tuna and mayo are an ironclad combination. Black pepper accents this salad. Price: 268 yen. Specifications differ for Okinawa and Hokkaido areas.


Kenjin's Cassuto

FamilyMart "Cascuit of Nanami Tatehito".

Nanami's favorite food, cascouto, is back. It is a bucket sandwich with mild and rich cheese sauce, pastrami pork, green leaves, and mustard mayo sauce. The price is 398 yen.


Satoru's Water Manjuu, False Style "Murasaki" Grapes

FamilyMart "Gojo Satoru's Water Manjuu False Shiki "Murasaki" Grapes".

A grape-flavored water bun filled with grape red bean paste, inspired by Gojo's powerful technique, the imaginary "Murasaki" formula. Price: 158 yen. Excluding Okinawa Prefecture.

Original Design Chukaman Bag

FamilyMart Original Design Chinese Manjuu Bag

During the campaign period, a limited number of original "panda" design Chinese manju bags will be available. There are a total of three designs (not available for selection).

(c)Akutami Shimoji/Shueisha, Jujutsu Kaisen Production Committee

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