Kappa Sushi "The! Japan Big Fishing Festival" Fair

At Kappa Sushi, the "The! Japan Big Fishing Festival" fair will be held from January 12th to February 6th. It will end as soon as each product runs out.

The! Japan Big Fishing Festival

A fair that collects Japanese "delicious!" From Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south. You can enjoy "delicious!" Items unique to Japan, such as nationwide stories and arrangements of local dishes that have been popular for a long time.

It's like a seafood bowl piled up

A dish made from "seafood bowl" as sushi. Negitoro, salmon, scallops, sweet shrimp, salmon roe, and tobiko are abundant, and you can enjoy a variety of foods in a luxurious way. Ninuki 330 yen (in-store tax-included price, same below).

Kappa Sushi "It's like a seafood bowl with a lot of layers"

Sea of Okhotsk Jumbo Scallop

Jumbo scallops that are more than twice the size normally provided. You can enjoy the sweetness that fills your mouth. Limited quantity. Consistently 330 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Sea of Okhotsk Jumbo Scallop"

Yaizu Port landing Toro bonito

"Return bonito" that eats food in the sea near Japan, gains weight, and returns to the warm south sea around autumn. Among them, the fatty bonito is called "Toro bonito". You can enjoy the taste of melting fat. Two pieces 165 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Yaizu Port Landing Toro Bonito"

Fallen tuna in the main tuna

"Tuna" is said to be the king of tuna. The tuna drop that can be taken only in a small amount from around the tuna's middle bone is also called the "ultimate lean meat". A dish that you can enjoy the rich taste by wrapping it in seaweed from Ariake. Consistently 220 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Yaizu Port Landing Toro Bonito"

Local cuisine Harako rice dashi soy sauce roasted salmon salmon roe

Arranged the local cuisine "Harako rice" in the style of Kappa Sushi. How much is on the salmon that has been roasted with Kappa Sushi's original dashi soy sauce. Two pieces 220 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Local cuisine Harako rice dashi soy sauce roasted salmon salmon roe"

Kyushu Local Cuisine Cold Yellowtail Ryukyu Tailoring

Arrange Kyushu's local cuisine in a Kappa Sushi style. The original sauce, which is a combination of sesame and sweet and rich soy sauce, is used to add the cold yellowtail that has been carefully cut in the store. Two pieces 165 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Kyushu Local Cuisine Cold Yellowtail Ryukyu Tailoring"

Firefly squid pickled in soy sauce from Hyogo prefecture

A dish of "firefly squid" soaked in soy sauce sauce. Enjoy the sticky texture and bittersweet taste by wrapping it in perilla with sushi rice. Consistently 165 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Firefly Squid Pickled in Soy Sauce from Hyogo Prefecture"

Steamed scallops from Aomori prefecture

Scallops with plenty of umami and sweetness from Aomori prefecture are made into a beach-grilled style. Two pieces 220 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Steamed Scallops from Aomori Prefecture"

Suruga Bay Kamaage Shirasu Warship

Kamaage shirasu from Suruga Bay, one of Japan's leading shirasu fishing grounds, is soft and fluffy. The best match is the slight saltiness and sushi rice. Two pieces 110 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Kamaage Shirasu Warship from Suruga Bay"

Hokkaido squid somen

You can enjoy the crispy texture and the sweetness peculiar to Japanese flying squid. Two pieces 220 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Hokkaido Squid Somen"