McDonald's "Momo Smoothie", "Momo Yogurt Frappe", "Macaroon Peach & Peach".

McDonald's "Momo Smoothie," "Momo Yogurt Frappe," and "

Macaroon Peach & Peach" will go on sale at McDonald's on May 8 with the message "Why not try Momo at McDonald's? The "Momo Smoothie," "Momo Yogurt Frappe," and "Macaroon Peach & Peach" will go on sale on May 8 with the message "Why not try a Momo at McDonald's?" and will be available only through late June.

Since its first appearance as a McCafe by Barista limited menu item in 2015, the "Gorotto Momo Series" has been popular with many people every year, and this year marks the tenth time the popular product has appeared for a limited time.



has a base made from the juice of three kinds of peaches (yellow peach, white peach, and nectarine) and is topped with a sauce containing chunky white peach pulp. The refined sweetness of white peaches, the rich sweetness of yellow peaches, and the melt-in-your-mouth sweet and sour taste of nectarines combine to create a deep and juicy flavor, and the chunky white peach pulp enhances the peach aroma. Priced from 490 yen (tax included).

McDonald's "Momo Smoothie

Momo no Yogurt Frappe

: A frappe with the natural sweetness of peach puree and the freshness of yogurt, topped with whipped cream, white peach pulp, and strawberry sauce. The taste of juicy peaches, the refreshing sourness and sweetness of yogurt, smooth whipped cream, white peach pulp sauce, and strawberry sauce are visually gorgeous and unite to create a delicious taste experience. Prices start at 500 yen.

McDonald's "Momo Yogurt Frappe"


Peach & Peach

Macaroon with a crispy dough kneaded with almonds and sandwiched between two kinds of fruit juices (yellow peach and white peach). Priced from 190 yen.

McDonald's "Macaroon Peach & Peach"

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