Donburi menu such as Sushiro "Tuna Large Bowl" and "10 kinds of seafood bowl"

Sushiro strengthens the delivery product lineup. A new "Donburi" menu will be on sale from February 22nd for delivery only.

The new Donburi menu is a collection of popular tuna, salmon roe, salmon roe, and other popular ingredients such as "Tuna Tenko Donburi" with the most popular tuna and Negitoro on it for 1,180 yen (tax included). There are a total of 5 types, including 10 types of seafood bowls for 980 yen (tax included) and a generous amount of salmon roe for 1,280 yen (tax included). A separate type of sushi rice is used for the container, and it is recommended to heat only the sushi rice in a microwave oven to the extent of human skin.

The product list is below. The price includes tax.

Tuna large bowl 1,180 yen
10 kinds of seafood bowl 980 yen Tuna salmon bowl 880 yen Crab salmon roe bowl 1,280 yen Seafood bowl 780 yen

* Price including container fee * The photo is an image * The set contents and toppings may change depending on the purchase status and sales status * It will end as soon as the sales on the day are sold out * Prices may differ at some stores