Kikumasa "Honmaguro Daitoro Don"

Kikumasa is a Japanese restaurant in Aoyama, Tokyo. It's a restaurant with a slightly high threshold that is also used for dinner and entertainment, but there are also lunches that you can enjoy casually.

Kikumasa store appearance
About 2 minutes on foot from Omotesando Station

The lunch menu includes grilled fish and rice bowls. It seems that the menu for each day is slightly different depending on the purchasing situation. I went for the popular "honmaguro two-color bowl", but it wasn't on that day, so I ordered the "honmaguro large toro bowl" instead. The price is 1,840 yen (tax included).

When you open the lid of the big bowl, you will see a large Toro. They are arranged in layers like petals. The tension rises considerably just by looking!

Kikumasa "Honmaguro Daitoro Don"
With small bowl and miso soup

The thick large Toro has a moist and melty mouthfeel. The spiciness of wasabi tightens the sweetness and umami of the fat that melts on the tongue. It's the ultimate in luxury that you can enjoy so much even if you are satisfied with a piece.

Kikumasa "Honmaguro Daitoro Don"
The taste is strong

Hiding between the fatty tuna and rice are shredded cucumbers, perilla leaves, and radish sprouts. The refreshing flavor is a perfect balance with the greasy fatty tuna. It has a crispy and pleasant texture and refreshes the mouth. It was quite voluminous, but it was delicious without getting tired of the last bite.

Kikumasa "Honmaguro Daitoro Don"
Also chewy okra

The large Toro bowl is a little pricey, but there are many other luxurious and voluminous menus for just 1,000 yen. On the day I visited, there were "Aji salad bowl" and "Raw sea urchin bowl" (1,080 yen each).

When I visited during the daytime on weekdays, there was a line and I lined up for about 20 minutes, so it is recommended to go with plenty of time. Enjoy the finest lunch relaxedly.