Matsuya's "Pig Bibin Bowl"
A long-selling product born in Heisei

Matsuya's "Bibin Don" was back again, so I ate it. It was a taste that revived the memory of Heisei just by scooping it with a spoon.

In May, Matsuya is selling the Heisei long-selling menu "Bibin Don" using pork and "New" Beef "Bibin Don" using beef in separate stores.

There was a pork bibin bowl in the shop, so I ordered it right away. The price is 490 yen (tax included).

Matsuya "Bibin Don"
There is a "usual" feeling even if it deviates from the standard menu

The menu is made with pork, root vegetables, kinpira, and kimchi on an iron plate, so the menu adds sweet and spicy sauce with the flavor of gochujang. ..

Matsuya "Bibin Don"
It ’s a traditional pork bibin bowl.

Whenever I went to the store, the ticket vending machine displayed it as an "upper" menu, so I thought it was a standard item, but it was decided to end the sale in 2017. I was surprised at that time, but after that it appeared as a limited-time menu and was relieved.

There is an opinion that the taste of Bibin-don after the resurrection is a little different from before, but overall, it seems that there is no difference from when I first ate it in Heisei.

It's easy to scoop up the ingredients and rice with the spoon that comes with it and bring it to your mouth. The root vegetables have a crispy texture, and the kimchi has a texture that seems to suit onomatopoeia such as curly curls and bubble wrap.

Matsuya "Bibin Don"
I'm happy with the hot spring eggs

The pork flavor is also strong, but the sweetness and spiciness of the vegetables and meat are well combined, and the thick yolk of the hot spring egg on the top makes the sense of unity even stronger.

Matsuya "Bibin Don"
Menu that makes Heisei nostalgic

Because of its strong taste, you can eat a lot of rice in a bowl. It was a drink that I could feel relieved with the same taste.