FamilyMart "Chiikawa Christmas★Party Cake

Chiikawa" Collaboration Products: A Summary of All

9 Items Here is a summary of all 9 items including cakes and breads collaborated with "Chiikawa". Don't forget to check out the items filled with the charm of the characters that will make you want to take them home with you...!

FamilyMart "Chiikawa Christmas★Party Cake

FamilyMart "Chiikawa Christmas★Party Cake

FamilyMart's Christmas cake lineup now includes a "Chii-Ka Christmas★Party Cake. Chiikawa Christmas★Party Cake The "Chiikawa Christmas★Party Cake" is now available for pre-order at FamilyMart stores and online starting September 15. The cake can be freely decorated with paper picks of "Chiikawa" friends. The cake is made with a fluffy sponge and peach and pineapple sandwiches.

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Chiikawa x Yamazaki Baking collaboration

Chiikawa x Yamazaki Baking Collaboration

Yamazaki Baking has collaborated with "Chiikawa" to create a new product called "Ranchi Pack Hachiware". Ranchi Pack Hachiware Ketchup Pasta Style and "Ranchii Pack Plenty of Chocolate Chip Snacks and "Chiikama Chiikaman Chiikawa's Pizza Man were released on October 1.

The "Ranchii Pack Hachiware no Ketchup Pasta Style" is a "Ranchii (lunch) Pack" that contains a pasta sandwich with sliced sausage, ketchup, and consommé seasoning, inspired by the "ketchup pasta" made by Hachiware. The "Plenty of Chocolate Chip Snack" is a slightly sweet stick bread baked with plenty of chocolate chips kneaded into it. Chiikaman Chiikawa no Pizza Man" is a product inspired by the pizza man that appears in Chiikawa.

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FamilyMart "Chii-Kawa Manmaru Yaki - something delicious and sticky (milk flavor

FamilyMart "Chiikawa Manmaru-yaki - something delicious and sticky (milk flavor)

FamilyMart limited edition Chiikawa Chimamaruyaki ~Something delicious and sticky~ (milk flavor) has been on sale since October 10. The sticky dough is filled with gently sweetened milk-flavored cream. The surface of the dough is branded with a total of eight different brands.

One sticker is included at random from a total of 8 types of stickers with designs of characters such as chikaware, hachiware, and bunny. Also, on the back of the stickers are the daily lives of each character... Fans can't miss it!

FamilyMart "Chiikawa Manmaru-yaki - something delicious and sticky (milk flavor)

Click here for the detailed article: Famima "Chii-Kawa Manmaru-Yaki ~Something delicious and glutinous~ (milk flavor)" with 8 types of hologram processed stickers to be released on October 10.

Marudai Shokuhin

"Chii-Kawa Hitokuchi Karpas Vol. 2

Marudai Shokuhin "Chiikawa, a bite of Kalpas Vol.2".

Marudai Shokuhin Co. Chiikawa Hitokuchi Karpas Vol. 2 will be available from the end of October. The package design is a bite-sized dry sausage with "Chiikawa" on it. It comes in a convenient zipper package for when you want to eat a little at a time as a snack or nibble.

There are five types of packages with designs of familiar characters. The "Momonga" design is a new addition to the lineup.

For more details, click here: Chiikawa Hitokuchi Karpas Vol.2" Momonga design is newly added to the lineup! Convenient zipper package


Cup Soup: Spinach Potage / Spicy Curry Soup

Chiikawa Cup Soup Spinach Potage / Demon Spicy Curry Soup

Marumiya Food Industry Co. Cheeky Cup Soup [Spinach Potage]" and "Cheeky Cup Soup [Spinach Potage]" from Marumiya Shokuhin Kogyo Co. and "Cheeky Cheeky Cup Soup [Spinach Potage]". and "Cheekawa Cup Soup [Spicy Oni (devil) Curry Soup will be released sequentially from November 13. The "Limited Edition Glitter Sticker" (6 kinds in total) with cute illustrations of the "Chiikawas" will be included in one package.

Chiikawa Cup Soup Potage of Spinach

The spinach potage has a creamy taste with a secret ingredient of cheese, making the most of spinach ingredients. It contains fish paste chips and spinach with a "Chiikawa" design.

Chiikawa Cup Soup Demon Spicy Curry Soup

The "Oni-Hot Curry Soup" is designed and packaged to resemble the "Oni-Hot Curry" that appears in the original manga. The soup is infused with the flavor of chicken and has a rich spice aroma. It contains fried eggplant, green beans, chicken dice and chili chips.

For more details, click here: Cheeky Chicken Soup [Spinach Potage]" and "Cheeky Chicken Soup [Devil Spicy Curry Soup]" are packaged with a limited edition glitter sticker!

Cheeka Cookie Charm Cotton 3

Chiisukawa Cookie Charm Cotto 3

Bandai Candy Division has released "Chii-Kawa Cookie Charm Cot 3". Chii-Kawa Cookie Charm Cot 3 will be released in January 2024. This is the third charm with a colorful ball chain, based on the motif of icing cookies. The item is made to look like a real cookie with its light colors and delicious cookie-like appearance.

Chiisukawa Cookie Charm Cotto 3

In addition to "Chiikawa," "Hachiware" and "Usagi," the lineup includes "Momonga," "Kurimanju," "Otter," "Shisa," "Chimera," "Anoko" and "Dekatsuyo. You will be lucky to win a "futon" with everyone together. Gum (soda flavor) 1 piece.

For more details, click here: Chiikawa Cookie Charm Cotton 3" - The third charm with a colorful ball chain featuring an icing cookie motif!

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