Densetsu no Sutadon-ya Meat bowl with Hokkaido Tsukimi Sutadon
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Sutadon-ya Me

at-packed Hokkaido Tsukimi


The "Meat-packed Hokkaido Tsukimi Sutadon" is now available from the "Densetsu no Sutadon-ya" and "Meibon Sutadon no Ten" bowl chain. Available at stores nationwide (except some stores) for a limited time only.

The "


Gluttony Hokkaido Tsukimi Sutadon" is made with carefully selected large cuts of pork shoulder loin, blended with a special "sweet and spicy sauce" inspired by the famous Obihiro pork bowl in Obihiro, Hokkaido, the birthplace of the pork bowl, and the "secret garlic soy sauce sauce" used in sutadon (a bowl of rice topped with pork and vegetables and garlic). The dish is topped with yam flavored with Japanese soup stock and other toppings.

The new "Hokkaido Sutadon" is the largest bowl in the history of "Hokkaido Sutadon" with approximately 180 grams of meat, up 30 grams from the previous 150 grams, in the hope of becoming a "pioneer in the world of large bowls" and "filling your stomach with a tasty bowl of meat with Sutamigari to make you work harder.

Densetsu no Sutadon-ya Meat bowl with Hokkaido Tsukimi Sutadon

For those who want even more volume, we have also added a new "karaage gappari" (combination of three pieces of our signature "Satamina Karaage"), which are marinated in a special sauce based on our "secret garlic soy sauce sauce sauce" combined with sake to give them a punch of garlic, to the regular volume. The "Meat-packed Hokkaido Tsukimi-Sutadon" and "Dekido Tsukimi-Sutadon", which features twice as much pork shoulder as the regular bowl, will also be on sale. The "Dekido Tsukimi Sutadon" in particular is a super-voluminous bowl with approximately 360 grams of meat and 850 grams in total.

Meat-loaded Hokkaido Tsukimi Sutadon 1,080 yen
Karaage Gozeizakari Hokkaido Tsukimi Sutadon 1,380 yen
Deokido Tsukimi Sutadon (double portion of meat) 1,680 yen

* All prices include tax
* Egg and miso soup included
* Prices for To go and various delivery services differ from those for eating in the restaurant

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