Yoshinoya "Yakitori Donburi with Burnt Negi

Yoshinoya "Burnt Negi Yakitori Don"

A new product, "Burnt Negi Yakitori Don" will go on sale at Yoshinoya on Monday, April 17 at 11:00 a.m. It will be available until mid-July. To go (to-go) is available.

Burnt Negi Yakitori

Don O

yakodon Oyakodon, which was launched last spring at Yoshinoya restaurants nationwide, has been extremely popular, with the total number of servings sold exceeding 4 million in about two and a half months. We are stepping up product development for chicken products because they can offer the "good, easy, and fast" Yoshinoya style, including the in-store cooking process, and also because they are popular among a wide range of people.

This year, too, we considered selling the "oyakodon" (chicken and egg bowl) that gained popularity last year, but due to a decline in the supply of eggs, we had to forego it and decided to sell the "yakitori donburi with burnt onion," which uses negi, a green onion that goes well with chicken, as a partner. The lineup includes a regular portion (547 yen including tax) and a large portion (734 yen including tax).

Yoshinoya "Yakitori Donburi with Burnt Negi

The secret of the delicious taste is two kinds of green onions and garlic soy sauce sauce. The chicken is then grilled in the oil that has been infused with the aroma of the green onions, and then stir-fried with the garlic soy sauce. When the yakitori is placed on top of rice in an Aritayaki bowl, it is topped with slices of green onions that add color and flavor. The flavor of the green onion and garlic soy sauce brings out the savory flavor.