Kura Sushi "Shari Cola Cream Puffs"
New dessert for Kura Sushi

The third product in the "Shari Cola" series of "white cola made from rice", which is popular in Kura Sushi. " Shari Cola Cream Puff " will be on sale in limited quantities from July 7th. The price is 108 yen (tax included) per piece. To go is also possible.

Kura Sushi "Shari Cola Cream Puffs"
Shari Cola cream puff

● I tried to eat a little earlier

As the name suggests, cream puff that you can enjoy the taste of shari cola. The dough is finished with a special cream made by adding amazake and rice vinegar made from rice jiuqu to whipped cream.

Kura Sushi "Shari Cola Cream Puffs"
Palm size

The crisply baked choux pastry is fragrant and has a light texture. The cream inside has a "warm" texture rather than a "smooth" texture, and while it melts and spreads smoothly, it gives off the mellow umami of amazake and a moderate acidity.

It is definitely the scent of amazake that comes out of your nose after swallowing. This is ... irresistible for amazake lovers!

Kura Sushi "Shari Cola Cream Puffs"
Amazake and cream puff go well together

● Shari Cola becomes a "bottle"

Shari Cola (194 yen including tax) was also renewed on August 18. Previously, both eat-in and To go were offered in cups, but after the renewal, they will be sold in bottles. The contents do not change.

Kura Sushi "Shari Cola"
Renewal to bottle specifications!

In a bottle, the ice melts and does not dilute, so you can enjoy the strong taste of sushi cola itself from the beginning to the end. It seems that you can feel the squishy feeling of carbonic acid strongly!

Kura Sushi "Shari Cola"
I also feel "Coke flavor" properly

For those who want to drink sushi cola at home, one case of sushi cola (12 bottles) is on sale from July 7th on the official Kura Sushi online shopping site. The price is 2,332 yen (tax included, shipping not included).

The cold amazake that I drink in the summer is booming these days, but I think some people are not good at leaving the mellow sweetness in their mouths. With Shari Cola, carbonic acid refreshes your mouth, so it's easy to drink!