Kurazushi "Two kinds of boiled snow crab

Kurazushi "Cra

b and Salmon Roe"

Fair Limited Time Period

Kurazushi will hold the "Crab and Salmon Roe" Fair starting September 29, 2012.

The "Crab and Salmon Roe


Fair features products made from crab and salmon roe, which are very popular premium ingredients. The "Boiled Snow Crab Two Kinds" uses the "king of crabs," snow crab, and allows you to enjoy both the stick meat and flakes in a single dish. The crab meat and flakes can be enjoyed in a single dish.

The "Extra Large Boiled Snow Crab" is served in an extra large size, more than 1.5 times larger than the crab rods used in the "Boiled Snow Crab Two Kinds". It is recommended for those who want to enjoy the taste of snow crab in balance with the rice.

In addition, the side menu also features items that lavishly use crab. The "Crab Cream Croquette" is made with domestically produced red snow crab, which is a perfect match for the rich cream. The crab miso is also blended in to enhance the flavor of the crab. The dish is deep-fried to order, giving it a freshly crispy texture!

The "Honzui Crab Chawanmushi" is a dish that uses dashi broth handmade in the central kitchen of Kura Sushi and steamed in the restaurant to perfection. The chawanmushi is so particular about the flavor of the broth that it could be called "eating broth," and is topped with brightly colored snow crab.

The lineup is as follows

Boiled snow crab two kinds of platter

Sales period: September 29 - October 9
Price: 400 yen
* Boiled snow crab sticks and boiled snow crab flakes
* Cannot be taken home

Kurazushi "Two kinds of boiled snow crab

Extra-large boiled snow crab (in one piece)

Selling period: September 29-October 9
Price: 345 yen

Kurazushi "Extra Large Boiled Snow Crab (Consistency)

Crab cream croquette

Selling period: September 29 - October 9
Price: 180 yen

Kurazushi "Crab Cream Croquette

Steamed egg custard with snow crab

Price: 330 yen
* No take-out

Kurazushi "Hon Snow Crab Chawanmushi" (steamed egg custard)

Large salmon roe gunkan

price: 180 yen

Kurazushi "Large Salmon Roe Gunkan (Consistency)

Sockeye salmon and salmon roe nigiri

sales period: until October 9
price: 130 yen
* No take-out

Kurazushi "Sockeye Salmon and Salmon Roe Rice Balls

The "Goku no Gemini Series" uses luxurious ingredients sparingly! The "Gokumin no Ippin Series" is also full of crab!


shells are filled with crab meat and flakes of snow crab, which are rich in flavor, and are arranged without any space between the shells, allowing you to fully enjoy the crab. Toppings include sea urchin, which melts in your mouth thanks to the absence of alum, and salmon roe, which has a delicate texture and rich flavor, allowing you to enjoy the luxurious taste until the very last bite.

Sales period: September 29 - October 9
Price: 990 yen

Kurazushi "Gokujo Kani Tamatebako

Five Kinds of Seafood Gunkan

, a

new sushi for fall that will whet your appetite

. The addition of grated yam gives a mild taste.
Price: 115 yen

Kurazushi "Five Kinds of Seafood Gunkan

Shrimp Choregi

: A Korean-style sauce made by mixing refreshing onions, garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, etc., goes perfectly with the shrimp.
Sales period: September 29-October 9
Price: 115 yen

Kurazushi "Shrimp Choregi

Price: 115 yen * Price differs depending on the store.
Sales of some items will end when the planned quantity is reached.

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