KURA Sushi KURA ROYAL New Sweets "Luxury Mont Blanc Parfait



anc Parfait Kura Sushi will sell KURA ROYAL's "Luxury Mont Blanc Parfait" from September 29. The sale will start on September 29 and end when all the parfaits are gone. The price is 530 yen (tax included, same as below).

Luxury Mont


Parfait A new parfait full of chestnuts that will bring out the colors of autumn! The top is topped with vanilla ice cream and two types of chestnuts: "astringent chestnuts," which are individually peeled by hand and slowly stewed in sugar to bring out their natural flavor and crunchiness, and "yellow chestnuts," which are small but have a strong sweetness.

The Mont Blanc cream used in the base is characterized by its rich and deep flavor, and is balanced with whipped cream that enhances the sweetness of the chestnuts and the astringent marron-flavored Mont Blanc whip to create a variety of chestnut flavors. Furthermore, a sponge is hidden inside the cream, making this parfait an outstandingly satisfying experience.

KURA Sushi KURA ROYAL New Sweets "Luxury Mont Blanc Parfait

The "White Chocolate Ice Cake" and "Taiyaki Parfait" are also sold at the same time.

White Chocolate Ice


A new product using white chocolate with the richness of cream. This ice cream cake is characterized by its luxurious sweetness and smooth texture, and offers a rich taste that spreads in the mouth. Price: 280 yen. Not available for take-out.

Kura Sushi "White Chocolate Ice Cream Cake



Taiyaki, served freshly fried to order, is a perfect match for the cold ice cream. The toppings of honey, whipped cream, mixed berries with just the right amount of sourness, and savory pistachio dice each accent the parfait. Priced at 400 yen. No take-out.

Kurazushi "Taiyaki Parfait

Not available for take-out.
* Limited quantity per day at each store.
* Not available at Kura Sushi Global Flagship Store Harajuku.

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