Kurazushi "Bikkura Pon! Plus"

Kurazushi "Bikkura Pon!



At all Kurazushi restaurants, a "Bikkura Pon! Plus" will be available at Kurazushi restaurants from September 29.

Plus" will be available at all Kurazushi restaurants from September 29! Plus

" service, which starts when five plates are placed in the "plate collection pockets" provided at each table, and a special prize is awarded when the winner is selected. Since its introduction in 2000, this service has become one of Kura Sushi's most popular entertainment content.

The new "Bikkura Pon! Plus" is a new service that allows customers to enjoy in-store dining even more by increasing their chances of winning prizes. Before starting your meal, select "Bikkura Pon! Plus" on the touch panel for ordering before starting to eat, the price of the applicable dish will be an additional 10 yen (including tax), and "one in three times, you will win a prize. This was implemented on a trial basis in July of this year (2023) and was so well received that it is now being implemented nationwide.

Kurazushi "Bikkura Pon! Plus"

A trick to make it

easier to win pri

zes Plus" to make it even easier to win prizes.

1. Increase the number of games of "Bikkura Pon!

If you order an item from your smartphone, even if it is a side dish that does not fit in the plate collection pocket, you can try "Bikkura Pon! game once for every ¥550, even if it is a side menu item that does not fit in the plate collection pocket. By increasing the number of times you play the game, you can increase the probability of winning.

Kurazushi "Bikkura Pon!"

Kurazushi "Bikkura Pon!"

Order the "Bikkura Pon! Set

," which is an assortment of popular Kura Sushi products, as well as the "Bikkura Pon! Selected 6 Pieces Set," an assortment of popular products from Kurarazushi, "Bikkura Pon! Nigiri Set" and "Bikkura Pon! Gunkan Set," you will receive one of the "Bikkura Pon! prize (you cannot choose your prize). In addition, if you order the same set from your smartphone, you can challenge "Bikkura Pon! challenge from your smartphone.

Kurazushi "Bikkura Pon! Selected 6 Pieces Set".
Bikkura Pon! Selected 6 Pieces Set

Kurazushi "Bikkura Pon! Nigiri Set
Bikkura Pon! Nigiri Set

Kurazushi "Bikkura Pon! Gunkan Set
Bikkurapon! Gunkan Set

The number of times you play the game on the touch panel and the number of times you play the game on "Order by smartphone" are not counted together, and you will get a win once in every three times.
The regular service and "Bikkura Pon! Plus" cannot be changed midstream.
This service is not available at the Kurazushi Global Flagship Store in front of Oshiage (in front of Skytree) Station.

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