New Starbucks Frappé "Setouchi Lemon Cake Frappuccino".


has launched a new

Frappuccino, the Setouchi Lemon Cake Frappuccino

. Starbucks Coffee has launched the "Tumbler Club," a participatory project to encourage people to use their own tumblers. To commemorate this project, the "Setouchi Lemon Cake Frappuccino" will be on sale. The release date is May 31. The En-Eat editorial staff was the first to try this new item!


Club "Tumbler Club" is a new participatory project proposed by Starbucks, in which members enjoy using their own tumblers together like a club, to help create a sustainable future. The aim of the project is to make the use of My Tumbler more "fun," "casual," and "continuous. There is no need to "join the club" at all. All customers who use My Tumbler are welcomed as "TUMBLers," and a variety of club activities will be developed at Starbucks stores nationwide and in digital spaces such as apps and special web pages.

Mugs, reusable cups, and non-Starbucks tumblers that customers bring in themselves are also eligible. Customers can use them whether they use them in the store or take them home. However, disposable cups, paper cups and cold cups provided by Starbucks, and mugs and glasses prepared by Starbucks for in-store use are not eligible.

Setouchi Lemon Cake


The "Setouchi Lemon Cake Frappuccino" is a refreshing lemon flavor and aroma. The "Lemon Cake", which was developed to pair well with the Frappuccino, is blended with milk and lemon peel sauce. The whipped cream is topped with lemon-flavored icing sauce and pearl sugar. The "crunchy" icing is the charm point of the lemon cake, and its mouth feel and flavor are expressed in the whipped cream.

New Starbucks Frappé "Setouchi Lemon Cake Frappuccino".
Setouchi Lemon Cake Frappuccino

The cake is also garnished with a crunchy freeze-dried lemon peel to accentuate the bitterness of the lemon zest. Setouchi lemons from the Setouchi region, which are known for their high sugar content and gentle acidity, are used to make up 75% of the lemon ingredients. Only tall sizes are available, priced at 678 yen for To go and 690 yen for in-store use (both including tax).

Actual Tasting

From the image of lemon cake, I imagined it to be quite sweet, but when I actually drank it, I found it refreshing and easy to drink! You can enjoy the pleasant tartness and sweetness of the lemon flavor. It has a nostalgic taste that reminds me of returning home from club activities in my school days.

New Starbucks Frappé "Setouchi Lemon Cake Frappuccino".

The lemon icing sauce topping is juicy, and the addition of crunchy pearl sugar gives it the texture of lemon cake. And the key ingredient is the "lemon peel. It does a really good job! The citrusy freshness and bitterness that it leaves on the palate adds depth to the flavor. The bitterness gives it a more lemon-like taste! Lemon lovers can't get enough of this.

New Starbucks Frappé "Setouchi Lemon Cake Frappuccino".

New Starbucks Frappé "Setouchi Lemon Cake Frappuccino".

Since it is already complete, the first cup should be drunk as is if possible! In addition, the developer recommends the following customizations

Add citrus pulp (+110 yen): Citrus fruits go well with each other, adding even more fruity flavor.
・ Add honey (free): Adds a gorgeous sweetness that goes well with lemon.

The new Starbucks Frappé "Setouchi Lemon Cake Frappuccino" is perfect for the coming hot and humid season. Recommended for a refreshing drink!