I ordered it because I wanted to eat delicious umeboshi. The order is "Iguchi" in Minabe Town, Wakayama Prefecture. I ordered from the internet on Friday and it arrived on Wednesday of the following week, which was specified as the delivery date.

We ordered 1 kilogram of "golden pickles", which is made by adding pure honey to high-quality dried plums pickled in Kishu Nanko plums. There are nearly 60 umeboshi in a square case.

With this, the price is 2,900 yen, the shipping fee is 300 yen, and the total is 3,200 yen. It is calculated that one large Nanko plum is about 50 yen. I think it's more expensive to buy at a local supermarket, so I feel like I've made a lot of money.

Tasting at once.

When you open the container, you will find a large amount of soft Nanko plums. How about the taste?

It has a slight sweetness, but the taste of pickled plums is also strong. The sweetness and saltiness subside, and it has a mysterious and delicious taste, like a fruit like pickled plums. It is a gorgeous taste that you want to eat for dessert or tea, rather than with rice. It would be delicious to use as a salad dressing.

It's slightly sweet, so it's a well-balanced and wonderful umeboshi that can be eaten by people who don't like the acidity of umeboshi.