Kewpie "Styling Sauce Lemon & Ginger

Kewpie Commercial will release "Styling Sauce Lemon & Ginger," a lemon-flavored sauce that can produce "color," "aroma," "flavor," and "accent" to menus just by pouring it over dishes. The price is open to the public. The release date is September 2.

Styling Sauce Lemon & Ginger

Styling Sauce Lemon & Ginger combines the zest and juice of Setouchi lemons with ginger to bring out the flavor of lemon. The sauce is also infused with a chicken-derived umami flavor that complements the dish, creating a taste that harmonizes with the dish. It has a gorgeous yellow hue to color menus and can be line-drawn directly from the bottle. Another feature of this product is that the lemon flavor does not change much over time after use.

Styling Sauce

The "Styling Sauces" lineup consists of four products: the new "Lemon & Ginger" and the existing "Smoke Flavor," "Genovese," and "Aceto Balsamico. This series is ideal for creating new menu items, as it can be used for a variety of menu items such as main dishes, salads, pizzas, and desserts.