To go "Saizeriya Dressing

To go Saizeriya

Dressing "Saizeriya Dressing" is used for salads and other dishes at Saizeriya. Did you know that you can actually To go this dressing, which has just the right amount of acidity? The price is 500 yen per 500 ml bottle (tax included).



"Saizeriya Dressing" is a special dressing with a moderate acidity that has been loved for 40 years. It is thick and creamy, with a pleasantly sour taste. It goes great with salads and even over fried foods! The generous 500 ml bottle allows you to enjoy the taste of Saise at home.

To go "Saizeriya Dressing"
Saizeriya Dressing

To go "Saizeriya Dressing"

To go "Saizeriya Dressing

To go "Saizeriya Dressing

Other items available for To go include "YAMITSURI Spice," "Chili Flake Container Included," "Hot Sauce Container Included," and "Frozen Spicy Chicken. Detailed menu and prices are as follows. Some items may not be available at all stores. All prices include tax.

Yakitsuki Spice (20g (0.71oz)) 300 yen
・ Chili Flake with container (40g (1.41oz)) 500 yen
・ Hot Sauce with container (200g (7.05oz)) 500 yen
・ Saizeriya Dressing (500ml (16.91us fl oz)) 500 yen
・ Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml (16.91us fl oz)) 850 yen
・ Frozen Spicy Chicken (1.5kg) 2, 200 yen
・ Frozen Popcorn Shrimp (500g (17.64oz)) 1,500 yen
・ Frozen Italian Pudding (1 piece) 240 yen
・ Frozen Tiramisu Classico (500g (17.64oz)) 1,760 yen