Actual Tasting "Foro Meal"

The following is a summary of three recommended dressings that the En-Etsu editorial staff has actually tried and enjoyed. Sujata Corn Dressing, Popolamama Original Japanese Italian Dressing, and Phoromile. Click on the product name links to jump to the detailed article about the actual tasting.

Sujata Corn Dressing

This is an Tasting review of Sujata Corn Dressing. Sujata Corn Dressing is a full-bodied dressing with the sweet and savory taste of sweet corn, and is popular even among children who do not like vegetables.

Tasting "Sujata Corn Dressing

It tastes just as good as it looks, with a rich corn sweetness! The creamy, rich aftertaste is like that of cream of corn soup, but with a hint of sourness that makes it a dressing in its own right. It goes well with hot vegetables as well as raw vegetables. You will enjoy the rich taste.

Popolamama Original Dressing "Japanese Style Italian Dressing

Popolamama's original dressing , known as "Popodoret". This dressing is made with vegetables such as carrots, onions, and garlic, and miso added to give it a Japanese taste. It can be enjoyed with raw or hot vegetables, or as a sauce for meat dishes.

Popolamama Original Dressing "Japanese Style Italian Dressing

It has a light taste, and the mild flavor of miso can be enjoyed. It has a moderate acidity, making it easy for children to enjoy. It goes well with standard vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, and corn, as well as salads topped with steamed vegetables, meat, and seaweed.

Foro Meal

Get it as soon as you find it! A hands-on review of the rare dressing " Phoromir. Just pour it on and it tastes like it's from a restaurant.

Actual Tasting "Foro Meal"

The onion flavor is strong, and the garlic and mustard flavors follow slowly. It is creamy, yet has a moist aftertaste with no unpleasant peculiarities! Simply delicious" is the perfect phrase to describe this dish.