Kodansha announced on April 1 that it will sell the world's first "edible" organic housing type e-book reader "iKA". The product name is an abbreviation for "interactive Kodansha Archives". It can be used from 1,909 yen after being used up for a week.

Organic housing type e-book dedicated terminal "iKA"
Organic housing type e-book dedicated terminal "iKA"

"IKA" is a terminal that uses the bioenergy of squid. The main features are a white-based, eye-friendly housing, a beautiful contrasting screen, large-capacity memory and ganglia comparable to the latest CPU, and IP68-compliant dustproof and waterproof structure for "underwater reading". And the catch that can be supplied in large quantities can be mentioned. It is a Japan-only natural e-book reader that is unique to Japan, which is blessed with abundant marine resources.

The size of the housing is 38 cm in length x 9 cm in width x 3.5 cm in thickness (depending on the individual). No charging required, continuous operation time is one week. After the uptime, iKA with new book data will be delivered by the company. After use, iKA can be deliciously eaten as a pirate dish, making it an "earth-friendly cup" that can only be achieved with natural ingredients.

In addition, it is said that those who ordered by midnight on April 1 will receive a terminal with "recipe data of pirate cooking" that is useful after using iKA.

* April 1st is April Fool's Day. This article is a compilation of jokes published by Kodansha on April Fool's Day. I want a "cup" ...