Lawson's new sweets and breads

Lawson's New Sweets and Breads to be Released on May 7

Lawson's new sweets and breads to be released on May 7 will be introduced here. The new items include "Chocolat Coffee Jelly" and "Vanilla Cream Tart.

* Source of all images is the official website
* Prices include tax
* May not be available in all stores and regions

Chocolat Coffee Jelly

Lawson "Chocolat Coffee Jelly

A sweet combination of bittersweet coffee jelly, chocolate cream with chocolate chips, and milk whip. Price: 297 yen.

Vanilla Cream Tart

Lawson "Vanilla Cream Tart

Tart with savory baked dough and flavorful vanilla cream squeezed over the top. Price: 246 yen.

Reward Stick Cake Thick Mont Blanc

LAWSON "Reward Stick Cake Rich Mont Blanc

A one-hand dessert that allows you to enjoy Mont Blanc on a stick. Priced at 292 yen, available on May 6.

Nama-Mochi Custard & Whip

LAWSON "Nama-Mochi Custard & Whip

Nama-Mochitto Custard & Whip, which has a texture like mochi (rice cakes). Priced at 149 yen.


Pizza Bread

LAWSON "Nama-Mochi Pizza Bread

Nama-Mochi Pizza Bread with a sticky texture. Price: 192 yen.


Ham and Cheese

LAWSON "Nama-Mochi Ham and Cheese

Nama-Mochi Ham and Cheese bread with a sticky texture. Price: 127 yen.

Hot dog

Lawson "Hot dog

A juicy, coarsely ground pork sausage, mustard, ketchup, and onions sandwiched on a bread roll. Price: 246 yen.

Triple Egg Roll

Lawson "Triple Egg Roll

A bread roll filled with milk and topped with egg salad and boiled egg. Inside is also an egg yolk-like sauce. The price is 246 yen.

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