Katsuya "Autumn Fried Seafood Set Meal


"Autumn Fried Seafood Set Meal" Limited to 600,

000 servings KATSUYA stores will start selling "Autumn Fried Seafood Set Meal" on September 15 (except some stores), limited to 600,000 servings. The price is 979 yen (tax included, same as below).

The "Autumn Fried Seafood Set Meal


is a limited-quantity item that includes fried oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture, which are representative of autumn seafood, as well as fried shrimp and fried squid on a single plate. The seafood fries are covered with fresh bread crumbs that have been baked exclusively at Katsuya to create a crispy texture, with ideal "sword standing" and optimal texture, color, flavor, and crispiness.

Katsuya "Autumn Fried Seafood Set Meal
Autumn Fried Seafood Set Meal

In addition, "Hiroshima Oyster Fries (2 pieces)" will also be available to add to Katsu-don and Roast Cutlet Set Meals to enjoy the arrival of autumn. The price is 385 yen.

Katsuya "Hiroshima Oyster Fries (2)
Fried Oysters (2)

Both items can also be taken out as a boxed lunch. The "Autumn Fried Seafood Bento" will be available for 961 yen, and the "Fried Oysters (2)" will be available for 378 yen.

Katsuya "Autumn Fried Seafood Lunchbox
Autumn Fried Seafood Bento

Speaking of seafood...try this one, too: Hamazushi Oyster and Autumn Delicacies Festival starting September 12 Oyster Nigiri", "Fried Oyster Tsutsumi (Tartar Sauce)", etc.