BIKKURI DONKEY Top 5 Popularity Ranking of Snack Menu

Here are the top 5 most popular BIKKURI DONKEY snack menus.

BIKKURI DONKEY Top 5 Popularity Ranking of Snack Menu

BIKKURI DONKEY also focuses on its a la carte menu, offering a full range of dishes. There are a total of 16 items on the a la carte menu, including BIKKURI French fries, which boast a deep-rooted popularity, and squid ark, which is slowly gaining popularity among fans. From these items, a survey was conducted on BIKKURI DONKEY's popular snack menu items that go well with beer, and the results were made public.

Survey period: June 1 to June 30, 2022
Survey entity: ALEPH Co.
Surveyed stores: 338 stores (as of June)
Survey method: Survey and analysis of actual sales volume data
Menu surveyed: All 16 a la carte menu items

Bikkuri French Fries

BIKKURI FRIETS, ranked No. 1, is an a la carte menu item that is a BIKKURI DONKEY staple. Enjoy hot, fluffy fries dipped in original mayonnaise or tomato sauce. The price is 440 yen (tax included, same as below).


Squid Ark

No. 2 "Ika no arkune" is a long-seller and popular item at BIKKURI DONKEY. It is topped with a generous amount of original Japanese sauce and grilled to a golden brown. The price is 660 yen.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Ark of the Squid

Crispy Squid Karaage

No. 3 "Crispy Squid Karaage" is a dish made with fresh squid and fried crispy and savory. It is perfect as a side dish or a snack with beer. The price is 550 yen.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Crispy fried squid

Broccoli Ark

No. 4 "Ark of Broccoli" is oven-baked broccoli, deep-fried to a fragrant, flaky flavor. It is served with a special soy sauce and mayo-style sauce flavored with ginger. The price is 440 yen.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Ark of Broccoli

Zangi & Potato

No. 5 "Zangi & Potatoes" is a BIKKURI DONKEY-style rendition of Hokkaido's zangi, served with a side of hearty french fries. It is juicy with a hint of ginger. The price is 600 yen.

BIKKURI DONKEY "Zangi & Potatoes

The presentation of some items may differ.
Prices vary by region and store. Some items may not be available at all stores.
A 10% late-night charge will be added to orders placed after 10:00 p.m.
Menu items and serving utensils/containers may differ depending on season, time of day, and store.