NISSIN FOODS has released a product photo of its new product "Cup Noodle Pudding" on the Facebook page of its popular cup noodle series "Cup Noodle".

On the same page, you can see the product package and a photo of the pudding that was actually put on the plate.

Cup noodle pudding, abbreviated as "cup phosphorus" ...?
Cup noodle pudding, abbreviated as "cup phosphorus" ...?

The package uses a cream-colored body and a dark brown lid that seems to be the image of caramel sauce. The layout of the logo and letters is almost the same as the conventional Cup Noodle series. If you look closely at the side of the package, you will see the word "Cuplin". Is it an abbreviation for "Cup Noodle Pudding"?

In addition, the lid has the words "Approximate amount of hot water 300 ml", but the detailed method of making it is unknown. I'm also curious about the mechanism of pudding that can be made in 3 minutes of boiling water.

* April 1st is April Fool's Day. This article is an article based on the information posted on the Facebook page. The page has already received a lot of feedback. I wish I had such a pudding.