Sugar Butter Tree Dark Strawberry Chocolat

Sugar Butter Tree: Dark Strawberry Chocolat" is now available at

7-ELEVEN & i Group stores

. The product, "Sugar Butter Tree: Dark Strawberry Chocolat," jointly developed by the confectionery brand "Gin no Budou" and 7-ELEVEN & i Holdings, is on sale. The product is expected to be discontinued around September 2024.

Sugar Butter Tree: Dark Strawberry


is a seasonal flavor released exclusively at select 7-ELEVEN & i Group stores that has created a big buzz each season and continues to increase the number of Sugar Butter Tree fans. The latest, long-awaited flavor is a summer-only flavor that captures the deliciousness of fresh strawberries. Fans who were among the first to try it said, "It has a strong strawberry flavor with a pronounced sweet and sour taste," "It has a good balance of sweet and sour flavors and a light aftertaste! The crispy dough is well-balanced and really tasty.

Sugar Butter Tree Dark Strawberry Chocolat

Strawberry powder, which preserves the sweet and sour fresh taste, is kneaded into the white chocolate. Sandwiched between crispy cereal dough mixed with strawberry powder, both the dough and the chocolat are full of strawberries. It is the darkest strawberry chocolate sandwich in the history of Sugar Butter Tree. One bite and the sweet and sour taste of strawberries blended into the dough and chocolate and the richness of the original blend of butter will fill your mouth with a fresh taste that is perfect for summer. A fresh taste perfect for summer. Strawberry content in chocolate: 40% (fresh equivalent)

Sugar Butter Tree Dark Strawberry Chocolat

Available at 7-ELEVEN, Ito-Yokado, York Mart, York Foods, York-Benimaru, and other 7-ELEVEN & i Group stores nationwide.

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