Chestnut Ice" at Toraya Karyo
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Toraya "Chestnut" Confectionery New Products

Toraya will release a series of "Chestnut" confectionery products. The lineup includes "Chestnut Steamed Yokan", "Chestnut Powder Rice Cake", "Chestnut Shikanoko", "Chestnut Joyomi", and "Shin Chestnut", a small type of Yokan.

Toraya Karyo will also sell chestnut-flavored "Chestnut Ice" from September 17, and it will be available until October 10.

Toraya Chestnut Sweets

Sweets using Toraya "Chestnuts
From the top: "Chestnut Steamed Yokan", "Chestnut Powder Rice Cake" and "Chestnut Deer Roe".

Chestnut Steamed Yokan

: Fresh confectionery made by adding wheat flour and kudzu to red bean paste and steaming it to preserve the flavor of chestnuts. Sold until October 31. Sold at stores that sell fresh confections. Price: 638 yen per piece.

Chestnut-flour rice cake (Gyuhi wrapped in a gozen-an bean paste)

: A mixture of back-strained chestnuts and white bean paste is dipped in gyuhi wrapped in bean paste. Sold until October 31 (not available at the Gotemba store from October 25 to 27). Sold at stores that carry fresh confections. Price: 638 yen per piece.

Chestnut Shikanoko (with white bean paste)

: Glossy chestnuts soaked in honey are dipped in a ball of red bean paste. Sold until October 31. Sold at fresh confectionery stores. Price: 638 yen per piece.

Chestnut Ste

amed Yokan
Toraya "Chestnut Steamed Yokan

Chestnut Steamed Yokan" is also available in a takehide wrapper and in a medium size. It will be on sale from September 17 to mid-November. The price is 4,752 yen per takebakan package and 2,376 yen per medium-sized package.

Some stores may not carry them.

Seasonal Chestnut Joyomi

Toraya Seasonal Pancakes "Chestnut Joyomi

Using the traditional method of making yokan (bean jelly), this confectionary is made to enjoy the deliciousness of seasonal ingredients. It is made with only fresh chestnuts, sugar and agar. The strong flavor of the astringent peel is also left intact to accentuate the taste of the chestnuts. It will be on sale from September 17 to mid-November. Prices range from 324 yen per piece to 2,160 yen for a set of six.

Small Yokan "Shin Chestnut

Toraya Small Yokan "New Chestnut

The addition of white bean paste to the new chestnuts gives this small yokan a mild chestnut flavor with a refreshing aftertaste. It will be on sale from October 1 to mid-November. The price is 368 yen per piece, 1,998 yen for a set of five, etc.

Chestnut Ice" - a limited time and limited quantity menu

Toraya Karyo: limited time and limited quantity menu "Chestnut Ice

This shaved ice is made with chestnuts harvested this fall. Hidden at the bottom is a flavorful chestnut red bean paste. The new domestic chestnuts are combined with white bean paste made from Toraya's original white azuki beans, "Fukutora Shiro", which has a mild and elegant taste and a light aftertaste.

It is topped with ice, topped with homemade wasanbon molasses, and then sprinkled with grated chestnuts to resemble moonlight. Finally, chestnut mizu-yokan and shiratama (white rice balls) reminiscent of tsukimi-dango (dumplings for moon viewing) are added. The taste of chestnuts spreads softly in the mouth, reminding us of the coming of autumn, a taste that is only available during this season.

Sold at Toraya Karyo Akasaka Store, Tokyo Midtown Store, Toraya Tokyo, Imperial Hotel Store, Shinjuku Isetan Store, Yokohama Sogo Store, Kyoto Ichijo Store, and Kyoto Shijo Nanza Store. Sales will run from September 17 to October 10. The price is 1,650 yen.

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