Toraya "Chestnut Steamed Yokan", "Chestnut Powder Rice Cake", "Chestnut Deer Roe".
(Image source: Toraya's official website)

Toraya announced on its official website that "Chestnut Steamed Yokan", "Chestnut Powder Rice Cake", and "Chestnut Shikanoko" are now available as chestnut fresh confections from Toraya. All of them are said to be made from only domestic chestnuts harvested in the same year. They will be available at fresh confectionery stores until October 31. The price is 638 yen per piece (tax included).

Chestnut Steamed Yokan

Chestnut Steamed Yokan" is a fresh confectionary made by adding wheat flour and kudzu to red bean paste and steaming it to preserve the flavor of chestnuts. It is characterized by a different texture from the "neri yokan" type.

Chestnut-flour Mochi

Kurikomamochi" is a confectionary made of back-strained chestnuts and white bean paste mixed together, then wrapped in gyuhi and dipped in gozen-an (sweet red bean paste). It is said that the taste and aroma of chestnuts, which represent the taste of autumn, can be enjoyed. Please note that it will not be sold at the Gotemba store from October 6 to 8.


Kuri-Kuri-Kanoko" is a variation of the classic sweet "Kanokomadara," in which sweetened beans are dipped in a ball of red bean paste to resemble the white spots on the back of a deer. Instead of beans, glossy chestnuts soaked in honey are dipped in the bean paste ball. It is filled with white bean paste. It is said to be a dish that reminds us of the rich harvest of autumn.