Osaka Souvenir - Osaka Honey Quattroformaggi

Osaka Souvenir: Osaka Honey Quattroformaggi

A new standard of Osaka souvenirs! I found "Osaka Honey Quattroformaggi" at Shin-Osaka station, so I actually bought and tried it. 4 pieces in a package, priced at 648 yen (tax included).

Osaka Honey Quattro


"Osaka Honey Quattro Formaggi" is a galette cookie using Izumitsu, a type of hundred-flower honey produced in Izumi City, Osaka, and four kinds of cheese (blue cheese, Gouda cheese, Camembert cheese, and Mascarpone cheese) that can be enjoyed together. Izumitsu" is honey carefully cultivated in the forests of Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture, where nature is so rich that fireflies visit. The honey freely collected by bees from flowers blooming in the forest and the city has a characteristic fruity aroma with a refreshing aftertaste that gives the baked sweets a high-quality taste. This product is available only in Osaka (as of August 2023).

Osaka souvenir "Osaka honey Quattroformaggi
Osaka Honey Quattroformaggi

Individually wrapped, each cookie is thick. The white part is coated with white chocolate. When you bite into a cookie, the dough loosely crumbles and you can feel a slight saltiness. The dough is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside! The sweetness of the white chocolate and the mild sweetness of the honey add to the sweetness and melt-in-your-mouth texture. It seems to go well with tea! The honey flavor that lingers in the aftertaste is very appealing.

Osaka souvenir "Osaka honey Quattroformaggi

Osaka souvenir "Osaka honey Quattroformaggi

Of course, you can enjoy it as it is, but I personally recommend refrigerating it before eating! The texture of the white chocolate coating improves, and the cookie dough becomes firmer and more tender. You can enjoy the luxurious taste.

Osaka souvenir "Osaka honey Quattroformaggi

Osaka Honey Quattroformaggi" is recommended for those who always end up with the same kind of souvenirs (......). In addition to 4-packs, 8-packs and 15-packs are also available. Pick one up when you see one!