Toraya Otsukimi Confectionery Summary

Toraya will be offering Japanese sweets for moon-viewing on September 10 and October 8, 2022, the 15th and 13th nights of the lunar calendar, respectively. The Mid-Autumn Meigetsu is also called Imo Meigetsu because of the custom of offering harvested taro to watch the moon, and the Thirteenth Night of the lunar calendar is also called Kuri-Nagetsu because chestnuts are offered to the moon. Wagashi can," "Small Yokan 'Shin Chestnut'," "Nama-gashi 'Chestnut Meigetsu'," "Chestnut Ice" and "Chestnut Anmitsu" will be available.

Autumn Package Small Yokan

Toraya Otsukimi Confectionery Summary

Autumn Package Kogata Yokan" will be available from September 1 to the end of October. The price is 292 yen per piece (tax included, same below).

Ogura Yokan "Night Plum", Matcha Yokan "Shinryo", and Brown Sugar Yokan "Omokage" will be available in limited time offerings. The renewed package design features the motif of the moon and autumn leaves. The design depicts the waxing and waning of the moon, mountains changing colors, and the transition of autumn.

Wet-powder necklace "Tsukiyo no tora" (Moonlit Night Tiger)

Toraya Otsukimi Confectionery Summary

Damp-powder zokomono "Tsukiyo no tora" will be available from September 1 to mid-September. The medium size is priced at 1,944 yen.

This is the third yokan made in honor of the year of the tiger. Ogura yokan with brown sugar is covered with yellow and black bean paste and steamed. The Ogura-yokan is designed to evoke the tranquility of the waning night, while the yellow and black shredded bean paste reminds one of the tiger, which looks even more beautiful and divine under the moonlight.

Seasonal Yokan "Shin Sarashina

Toraya Otsukimi Confectionery Summary

Seasonal Yokan "Shin Sarashina" is available from early September to mid-October. The price is 3,888 yen per piece for the bamboo skin wrapper and 1,944 yen per piece for the medium size.

The "Sarashina" is a type of yokan made in the Shinano Province (present-day Shinano Prefecture). Sarashina is located in the northern part of Shinano Province (present-day Nagano Prefecture), which has been famous since ancient times as the home of the famous moon.

Baked cake with ginger "Zangetsu

Toraya Otsukimi Confectionery Summary

Baked cake with ginger "Zangetsu" is sold all year round. The price is 346 yen per piece.

Zangetsu" refers to the moon that remains in the sky until dawn, and the surimitsu (honey with a paste) on the surface of the dough is made to resemble the moon at dawn with a light cloud hanging over it. The firm, chewy crust is filled with rich red bean paste.

Japanese yam "Tsukishita no utage" (party under the moon)

Toraya Otsukimi Confectionery Summary

Tororo "Gekka no utage" will be available at some stores in Kanto, Chubu and Kinki regions from September 1 to September 15. The sales period differs depending on the store. Some stores in the Chubu and Kinki regions will also sell it from October 6 to 8. The selling price is 540 yen.

Tororo manju, a Japanese grated yam with a rabbit standing up from the grass and admiring the moon, is made of moist dough with a tokoro (grated yam) filling. The moist dough is filled with white sweet bean paste.

Monaka "Yaei

Toraya Otsukimi Confectionery Summary

Yayaka" is also sold throughout the year. The price is 238 yen per piece.

The name "Yayaka" is derived from its round shape, which resembles the "moon in the middle of autumn," and its chrysanthemum-shaped brown skin is filled with Ogura-an (sweetened red bean paste).

Small Yokan "New Chestnut

Toraya Otsukimi Confectionery Summary

Small Yokan "Shin-Guri" will be available from October 1 to mid-November. The price is 368 yen per piece.

It is a small yokan made of back-strained chestnuts and white bean paste. It is said that the flavor of chestnuts spreads mellowly in the mouth.

Fresh confectionery "Chestnut Meigetsu

Toraya Otsukimi Confectionery Summary

Nama-gashi "Kurimeigetsu" will be available at some stores in the Kanto and Kinki regions and at the Gotemba store from October 6 to 8. The price is 638 yen.

It is made by wrapping gozen-an (sweet bean paste) with plenty of fresh chestnuts, and then squeezing it into a chakin (tea towel). It will be sold on the occasion of "Jusan-no-Yoru" (the 13th day of the 8th month).

Wagashi can

Toraya Otsukimi Confectionery Summary

Two types of "Wagashi Can" will be available. Tsumekomi (1)" will be available from September 1 to 30, priced at 3,456 yen per can. Tsumekomi (2)" will be available from October 1 to the end of October and will be priced at 3,910 yen per can.

Each contains sweets suitable for moon viewing. Each features a bold design of a tiger in motion against a background of colors reminiscent of the mysterious pale light of the moon.

The assortment (1) includes two each of small yokans in the fall package (Ogura, Maccha, and Brown Sugar), two "Yaei" monaka, and two "Zangetsu" monaka.

The assortment (2) includes 6 small Yokan "Shin Chestnut", 2 pieces of "Yaei" and 2 pieces of "Zangetsu".

Chestnut Ice

Toraya Otsukimi Confectionery Summary

Kurigoori (chestnut ice) can be ordered at Toraya Karyo from late September through October 16. The price is 1,650 yen.

The ice is topped with wasanbon molasses and served with chestnut mizuyokan and shiratama (white rice balls) reminiscent of moon-viewing dumplings. Grated chestnuts are sprinkled on top to resemble moonlight. It can be enjoyed together with the chestnut red bean paste at the bottom.

Sold at Toraya Karyo Akasaka Store, Imperial Hotel Store, Tokyo Midtown Store, Shinjuku Isetan Store, Yokohama Sogo Store, Kyoto Ichijo Store, Kyoto Shijo Nanza Store, and TORAYA TOKYO Coffee Shop.

Chestnut Anmitsu

Toraya Otsukimi Confectionery Summary

Chestnut Anmitsu" can also be enjoyed at Toraya Karyo from October 1 to late November. The price is 1,760 yen.

It is an autumn-only anmitsu topped with chestnut red bean paste made from fresh domestic chestnuts, chestnut mizuyokan, and honey chestnuts. You can choose either white or wasanbon molasses.

Sold at Toraya Karyo Imperial Hotel, Tokyo Midtown, Shinjuku Isetan, Yokohama Sogo, Kyoto Ichijo, Kyoto Shijo Nanza, and Toraya Tokyo cafe.