Chateraise "Ichiguri Daifuku Chestnut Daifuku with Marron Cream
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Check out all the new Japanese confections from Chateraise! Ichiguri Daifuku Chestnut Daifuku with Marron Cream, Yakitori Chestnut Rice Cake, and Chestnut Steamed Yokan.

Ichiguri Daifuku Chestnut Daifuku with Marron Cream

Daifuku with Marron Cream is a cream Daifuku wrapped in soft and fluffy snow-flake dough colored in chestnut color with astringent chestnuts and marron cream. The marron cream is made by adding home-cooked chestnut red bean paste and a hint of Western liquor to the cream to give it a chestnut flavor. The soft mochi, the astringent chestnut flavor, and the marron cream are in harmony, making this a blissful delicacy. The price is 130 yen (excluding tax, the same below).

Chateraise "Ichiguri Daifuku Chestnut Daifuku with Marron Cream

Yaki Chestnut Rice Cake

A dumpling dough made from domestically produced rice milled in-house is fragrantly baked and sandwiched between home-cooked sweet bean paste made from Hokkaido azuki beans and soft chestnuts. The product is a harmony of three flavors: the soft taste of chestnuts, the flavorful bean paste, and the savory and crispy dumpling dough. The price is 120 yen per piece.

Chateraise "roasted chestnut cake

Chestnut Steamed Yokan

Dough containing real kuzu is slowly steamed, and the surface is covered with an abundance of very soft chestnuts, which are then cut into crispy pieces. This Japanese confectionary conveys the deliciousness of the light taste of yokan and the chestnuts that generously cover the top. The price is 140 yen.

Chateraise "Chestnut Steamed Yokan