Hidakaya "Sour Mushroom Yu-men

Hidakaya will introduce "Sour and Hot Mushroom Noodle Noodle" as a seasonal menu item. It will be available from September 22.

Hidakaya Sour Mushroom Noodle

According to Hidakaya, mushrooms, a popular autumn delicacy, are low in calories and contain nutrients such as dietary fiber and B vitamins, which are used extensively in the hot and sour mushroom ramen. The special broth, which is a well-balanced mixture of sour, spicy, and peppery sweet flavors, is served with fluffy eggs, and the use of black vinegar adds richness and depth to the noodle.

For those who want to eat with gusto and enjoy the soup to the last, it is recommended to combine it with half a bowl of rice. The price is 670 yen (including tax) for a single item, 910 yen for a gyoza set, and 940 yen for a half fried rice set. In addition to eat-in, To go is also available.