Hidakaya "Ontama Utsu Tamago Umami Spicy Ramen" (hot and spicy ramen noodles with hot egg)

Long-awaited reissue of Hidakaya's "

Ontama Umami Spicy Ramen! To commemorate the 50th anniversary of its establishment, Hidakaya, a hot Chinese restaurant, will start selling reissued "Ontama Umami Spicy Ramen" for a limited time starting October 13. The price is 690 yen (tax included, same below). The gyoza set is 950 yen, and the han-chahan set is 970 yen.

On-tama Umami


Ramen The "On-tama Umami Spicy Ramen," which was discontinued with the grand menu revision in February 2016, is a soy sauce-based ramen with the addictive flavor of minced pork and spicy bean paste. The onsen tamago (egg), which is served on a separate plate, can be dropped at the beginning or as a flavor enhancer. It adds a mellowing effect, and even those who do not usually like spicy food can enjoy it.

Hidakaya "Ontama Utsu Tamago Umami Spicy Ramen" (hot and spicy ramen noodles with hot egg)

Comment from the person in charge of product development

We are pleased to be able to offer "Ondama Umami Spicy Ramen" for the first time in seven years as the second reissued menu item to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company. We hope you will enjoy the harmony of the hot and spicy ankkake sauce, which is well mixed with the noodles, and the onsen tamago!

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