FamilyMart "Senri-Gan supervised garlic zanmai (mazesoba)" and 3 other products

FamilyMart will release three new products including

"Senri Sengan Supervision Garlic Zang Mai (Mazesoba)", "Gansha Supervision Seafood Tonkotsu Tsukemen (Tsukemen)", and "Tonkotsu Shoyu Iekei Ramen" on October 10, 2012 at FamilyMart stores.


Supervisor Garlic Zammai (M

FamilyMart "Senri-Gan supervised garlic zanmai (mazesoba)".

Mazesoba supervised by Tokyo-based ramen restaurant "Senrigen. The thick, satisfying noodles, garlic sauce that replicates the taste of the supervised restaurant, and toppings such as bean sprouts, cabbage, chashu pork, and spicy fried egg make this mazesoba a very satisfying dish. Priced at 680 yen (tax included), it will go on sale on October 10 (October 24 in Okinawa Prefecture).


Supervised Seafood Tonkotsu Tsukemen

FamilyMart "Ganja Supervised Seafood Tonkotsu Tsukemen

Tsukemen is made under the supervision of Saitama Prefecture's Tsukemen restaurant "Ganja. The soup, based on pork and chicken bones, has a complex flavor with fish knots added, and is finished with an emphasis on expressing the "saba-bushi" (mackerel bone) taste that characterizes the flavor of the restaurant under supervision. It comes with chashu pork, pickled bamboo shoots, and green onion toppings, and is priced at 598 yen. Priced at 598 yen, it will go on sale October 10 (October 17 in Okinawa Prefecture).

Tonkotsu Shoyu Iekei Ramen

FamilyMart "Tonkotsu Shoyu Iekei Ramen

The popular Ihekei Ramen has been relaunched. The soup is based on a thick, slightly coarse pork bone flavor with a hint of kaeshi (soy sauce), and features chewy noodles that go well with the soup. It is topped with spinach, grilled seaweed, chashu pork, and shredded green onion, all of which go well with the ikebana broth. Priced at 598 yen, it will go on sale October 10 (October 17 in Okinawa Prefecture).

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