Kairikiya "Ginger soy sauce ramen
Ginger soy sauce ramen


"Ginger Shoyu Ramen"

Kairikiya will offer a limited quantity of "Ginger Shoyu Ramen" starting November 24 and ending as soon as it is gone. The price is 858 yen for a regular size (including tax) and 968 yen for a large size (including tax).

The "

ginger soy sauce" soup and medium-thin noodles warm you up on a cold day


The "Ginger Soy Sauce" soup, with its sharp soy sauce and crisp ginger, goes well with the medium-thin noodles, making for a light and flavorful bowl of noodles with a smooth texture. It is topped with thinly sliced special tender pork, bamboo shoots, and spinach. A generous amount of grated ginger can be enjoyed while it is crushed and dissolved.

It is also recommended to enjoy it with set menus.

In principle, it is available at all Kairikiya stores, except for the AEON MALL Okinawa Lycam and Chatan stores. Sales may vary depending on store availability.

Kairikiya "Ginger soy sauce ramen

100 yen

discount coupon

for your favorite ramen A coupon "100 yen discount coupon for your favorite ramen" will be distributed during the ginger soy sauce ramen sales period as in the past. You can receive one coupon per order of one ramen (regular) or (large) when you visit the restaurant. The coupon is valid for one month after issuance.

Kairikiya "100 yen discount coupon for your favorite ramen".
100 yen discount coupon for ramen of your choice