Hotto Motto "Kaisen Tendon" (Seafood Tendon)

Hotto Motto will sell "Kaisen Tendon", "Kami-Kaisen Tendon", "Kaisen Ten-Toshi-don", and "Tempura Assorted Tempura", which are served with tempura such as shrimp, squid, scallop, and white fish. All of them will be available from September 21.

Kaisen Tendon

Hotto Motto "Kaisen Tendon" (Seafood Tendon)

Kaisen Tendon is a bowl of rice topped with two resilient shrimps, soft squid, scallop tempura with a delicious flavor as you bite into it, fluffy white fish tempura, and vegetable tempura with snap peas and lotus root. The price is 590 yen (tax included, same as below).

Tendon sauce is seasoned according to regional taste preferences, with eastern Japan using two types of soy sauce and two different flavors of dried bonito flakes. The Western Japan version combines the umami of bonito, kelp, dried sardines, and shiitake mushrooms with dark soy sauce to create a mildly sweet sauce.

Kaisen Tendon (Kaisen Tendon with Seafood)

Hotto Motto "Kaisen Tendon" (top bowl of rice topped with seafood)

Double portion of shrimp and scallop tempura, very satisfying. Price: 740 yen.

Kaisen Ten-Tsuji Donburi

Hotto Motto "Kaisen Ten-Tsuji Donburi" (Bowl of rice topped with seafood and tempura)

Tempura from the Kaisen Tendon bowl is simmered in a sweet soy sauce sauce and softly tossed with an egg. Price: 640 yen.

Assorted Tempura

Hotto Motto "Tempura Assortment

Assorted Tempura only from Kaisen Tendon. Price: 490 yen.