Katsuya "Katsuya's Nori-ben" (dried laver bento)


"Katsuya's Nori-ben

" Katsuya's stores will sell "Katsuya's Nori-ben", a menu limited to 500,000 servings, for a limited time starting May 10 (except at some stores). Both To go and in-store dining are available.



"Katsuya's Nori-ben" is a hearty bento that includes five kinds of ingredients such as red sausage, fried shrimp, Katsuya's original potato salad and thickly sliced ham cutlet, in addition to typical "Nori-ben" side dishes such as deep-fried chikuwa and fried chicken. It is a dish that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. It is a dish that both adults and children can enjoy. Prices are 853 yen for To go and 869 yen for in-store dining, both including tax.

Katsuya "Katsuya's Nori-ben" (dried laver bento)
To go "Katsuya's Nori-ben" (seaweed bento)

Katsuya "Katsuya's Nori-ben" (dried laver bento)
In-store food and beverage "Katsuya's Nori-ben" (seaweed bento)

Nori bento" is one of the "standard" bento that has been around since childhood and is still familiar to adults today, on a par with "karaage bento" and "makunouchi bento. Katsuya's Nori-ben" is a new menu item that was created with the hope that people will enjoy a peaceful meal time with nostalgic memories of their new life.