Hotto Motto "Oroshi Toriten Bento" and "Oroshi Pork Shabu Bento

Hotto More will start selling "Oroshi Toriten Bento" and "Oroshi Pork Shabu Bento" with grated radish and ponzu vinegar, and "Oroshi Pork Shabu Salad" with salad in place of rice on June 1. In addition, "Kinmeda Gohan (rice with glutinous grain)" will be introduced.

Oroshi Toriten Bento

Hotto Motto "Oroshi Toriten Bento" (grated chicken tempura bento)

A satisfying dish consisting of four pieces of toriten (chicken tempura) and one piece of snap pea tempura. The chicken tempura is marinated in a sauce made of soy sauce, garlic, and ginger, and deep-fried in the restaurant to lock in the flavor of the chicken and make it juicy. The chicken is topped with grated daikon radish and "Japanese style ponzu" made from five kinds of citrus juices: yuzu, sudachi, kabosu, dai dai, and lemon. The price is 500 yen (tax included).

Oroshi Pork Shabu Bento

Hotto Motto "Grated Pork Shabu Bento

Moist pork shabu with eggplant and okra. It is also served with grated daikon radish and fresh-tasting ponzu vinegar. Price: 550 yen.

Grated Pork Shabu Salad

Hotto Motto "Oroshi Pork Shabu Salad" (grated pork shabu salad)

A salad of green leaf, cabbage, and edamame (green soybeans) is substituted for rice in the "Oroshi Pork Shabu Bento". Price: 550 yen.

Kinmeda gohan with glutinous barley

Hotto Motto "Kinmeda Gohan with Glutinous Wheat

Also, starting June 1, rice for items that come with separate containers for side dishes and rice can be replaced with "Kinmedai Gohan with Glutinous Wheat" for an additional 20 yen. (* "Oroshi Toriten Bento", "Oroshi Pork Shabu Bento", and "Oroshi Pork Shabu Salad" are not applicable to this change.