Fujiya Christmas Cake 2023

Fujiya Confectionery Store 2023

Christmas Sale Fujiya Confectionery Store will hold its 2023 Christmas Sale from October 1 to December 25. This year's concept is "A special Christmas filled with delicious smiles. The concept of this year's sale is "A special Christmas filled with delicious smiles," and the lineup includes a variety of confections and gifts made with carefully selected ingredients, such as the "Jewel Box Series of Shortcakes" that contain fruits and seasonal ingredients like a jewel box, and the classic premium series. Fujiya's first "Cakes for Dogs and Cats" will also be available.

Gift items such as assorted sweets and goods will go on sale sequentially from early November, and Christmas-specific cakes (whole type and individual serving type) will go on sale sequentially from late November. A reservation site, "FUJIYA Sweets.com" will also be opened.

Below is a sampling of the Christmas cakes that are attracting attention.

Together! Smile Switch! Snowy White Christmas!

Fujiya "Together! Smile Switch! A Snowy White Christmas

A dome-shaped cake filled with light custard cream, chanterelle cream, and strawberry compote. Silver foil and white chocolate flakes are scattered to represent falling snow. The cake measures approximately 140mm in diameter and is priced at 4,800 yen (tax included).

Fujiya "Together! Smile Switch! A Snowy White Christmas

A "Fujiya x Snow Man Original Xmas Card & Acrylic Photo Frame" will be included as a purchase bonus. The pre-order period is from October 1 to December 15 in stores and from mid-October to November 30 online. Delivery and pickup period is December 20-25.

Shortcake Jewel Box (Amaou Strawberries from Fukuoka Prefecture)

Fujiya "Jewel Box of Shortcake (Fukuoka Prefecture Amaou Strawberry)

Since January 2023, the "Jewel Box of Shortcake" series has been sold from "Shortcake Day" on the 22nd of each month until the end of the month, with the concept of an "exciting cake. The "Jewel Box of Shortcakes" series is based on the concept of "exciting cakes.

This jewel box-like shortcake is made with a light custard cream containing vanilla beans from Madagascar, Amaou strawberry sauce, and Amaou strawberries wrapped in premium Chantilly cream. It measures approximately 130 mm in diameter and is priced at 4,700 yen; it will go on sale on December 22.

Luxurious Christmas shortcake filled with Amaou strawberries

Fujiya "Luxurious Christmas Shortcake filled with Amaou Strawberries".

This shortcake uses a generous 18 Amaou strawberries for the sandwich and topping. The side of the shortcake is also decorated with strawberries and holly, making this a luxurious shortcake that will make a Christmas party more festive. It measures approximately 140 mm in diameter and is priced at 9,900 yen. Available by reservation only.


Premium Chocolate Nama Cake

Fujiya "Christmas Premium Chocolate Fresh Cake

The popular premium chocolate raw cake arranged to Christmas specifications. Cocoa sponge is layered with chocolate cream made from flavored bean cocoa mass and bitter-tasting chocolate ganache, with candied almonds as an accent. The cake is decorated with snowflake chocolate attachments and holly, and is finished with gold dust. Measuring approximately 150 mm in diameter and priced at 4,300 yen, it goes on sale December 1.

Christmas Premium Thick Baked Cheese Cake

Fujiya "Christmas Premium Thick Baked Cheesecake

This rich baked cheese cake is made with four kinds of cheese: cream cheese, mascarpone cheese, Grana Padano, and Edam cheese. Lemon puree is added to give the cake a rich yet refreshing taste. Measuring approximately 125 mm in diameter and priced at 4,300 yen, it will go on sale on December 1.

Christmas Premium Japanese Chestnut Mont Blanc

Fujiya "Christmas Premium Japanese Chestnut Mont Blanc

The premium Mont Blanc is made by sandwiching diced Kuma chestnuts from Kumamoto Prefecture with Kuma chestnut custard whip and richly flavored Japanese chestnut cream from Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture. One bite and the aroma and taste of Japanese chestnuts spreads. The top is decorated with Japanese chestnuts from Kumamoto Prefecture and holly. The size is approximately 145mm in diameter and the price is 4,500 yen.

FUJIYA Sweets.com

, a website for


, will open in mid-October 2023, offering nationwide home delivery and in-store pickup reservations. Even those who do not have a store nearby can enjoy Fujiya's cakes. The reservation period is from mid-October to November 30.

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