Ministop "Taiwanese Honey Potato Caramelized Soft".

Ministop Delivery Exclusive Products

"Mugen Karaage", "Mugen Karaage, Sasami Plum Flavor", "Mugen Karaage, Squid Ring Fried", and "Taiwan Honey Imo Caramelized Soft" will be available from May 12 as exclusive products for the delivery service being offered by Ministop from January 2022. Tiramisu Pudding Parfait" and " Tokumori Tiramisu Pudding Parfait," which have been available at Mini Stop stores since May 6, can also be ordered and purchased via delivery from May 12.

Prices listed are for delivery. For menu, delivery area, order acceptance time, delivery fee, etc., please refer to each company's service application or website.
Some items may not be available at all stores.


Ministop "Mugen Karaage

MUGEN KARAAGE" contains 18 pieces of thinly coated fried bean curd. Rice flour is used in the batter for a special texture. The thin batter allows the chicken to take center stage in the fried dish. The chicken is not seasoned with any extra spices, but instead is made to taste so good that you will want to eat as many pieces as you can. The price is 1,500 yen.

MUGEN Karaage Sasami Ume Flavor

MINISTOP "Mugen Karaage, Sasami Ume Flavor

MUGEN KARAAGE SASAMI UME FLAVOR" contains 8 pieces of thin batter karaage and 8 pieces of SASAMI SISOMAKI UME FLAVOR. The price is 1,500 yen.

Mugen Karaage

Squid Ring Fry

MINISTOP "Mugen Karaage/Ika Ring Fry

The "Mugen Karaage/Ika Ring Fry" contains 8 pieces of lightly battered fried bean curd and 9 pieces of fried squid ring. The price is 1,500 yen.

Taiwanese Sweet Potato Caramelized


Ministop "Taiwanese Honey Potato Caramelized Soft".

The "Taiwanese Honey Imo Caramelized Soft Dessert" combines warm Taiwanese honey potatoes with cold soft vanilla ice cream and crispy caramelized brown sugar. The price is 790 yen.

Ministop Delivery Service

Ministop offers delivery services through "Delivery Kan", "Uber Eats" and "Wolt". For details, please refer to each company's website.