Hamazushi "Four Kinds of Delicious Netsa



4 Kinds of Delicious Netsa" will be available at Hamazushi restaurants from October 17. The new items are "Kyushu Ookiri Hagatsuo", "Aomori Prefecture Large Steamed Scallops", "Tempura Nigiri of Sweet Sea Bream", and "Seared Hokkaido Samegarei Yuzu Shio".

Big Hane Gatsuo from Kyushu

Hama Sushi "Kyushu Ookiri-Hagatsuo

You can enjoy its soft and melt-in-your-mouth texture. Priced at 110 yen (tax included, same as below).

Large Steamed Scallops from Aomori Prefecture

Hama Sushi "Large Steamed Scallops from Aomori Prefecture

The sweetness and flavor of scallops fills your mouth with every bite. Price: 110 yen.

Tempura Nigiri of Sweet Sea B

Hamazushi "Tempura nigiri of sea bream

Nigiri-zushi with tempura of sweet sea bream, which is in season. Priced at 165 yen.

Seared Hokkaido Samegarei Yuzu Shio

Hama Sushi "Seared Hokkaido Samegarei Yuzu Shio

A refreshing dish of fatty shark flounder with yuzu salt. Price: 165 yen.

The sales period differs in some stores.
Price differs at some stores.
The price will end as soon as all the ingredients are gone.

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