Banana Ice Cream with Banana and Milk Recipe

Here is a list of seven ice cream recipes that the Engeboku editorial staff has actually tried making and enjoyed. The recipes are "Pumpkin Ice Cream," "Avocado Ice Cream," "Marshmallow Ice Cream," "Banana Ice Cream with Just a Rub," "Banana Ice Cream with Just Bananas and Milk," "Taro Ice Cream," and "Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream in Cubes. Click on each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article.

Pumpkin Ice Cream

Amazingly easy and delicious! Here is a recipe for "Pumpkin Ice Cream" with only 3 ingredients. No eggs or cream, just pumpkin, milk, and sugar for a rich, smooth finish!

Recipe for Pumpkin Ice Cream

A little trick when making it is to drain the pumpkin thoroughly after tinning and to stir it a few times during freezing. This will make it smooth to the touch without being crunchy. You can add nuts as a topping or cinnamon for a more mature taste if you like. This is also a great recipe for consuming uneaten pumpkin.

Avocado Ice Cream

Just 4 ingredients, rubbed and chilled! Here is a simple recipe for a delicious avocado ice cream. It can also be stored, so if you are worried about it being overripe, you can use it.

Easy recipe for "Avocado Ice Cream

It is delicious as it is, but you can also arrange it with toppings. Fresh fruits go well with it. If you combine strawberries, the sweet and sour juiciness will complement the melted richness of the ice cream. It also looks beautiful with its spring-like colors. If you prefer a more mature taste, definitely go for raisins and honey. The rich sweet honey and rich raisins add depth to the flavor and create an elaborate taste. It is also perfect for an evening dessert.

Marshmallow ice cream

You'll be addicted to its melt-in-your-mouth smoothness! Here is a recipe for marshmallow ice cream, which can be easily made with only two ingredients (marshmallows and milk).

Recipe for Marshmallow Ice Cream

It looks like a sorbet, but it feels so smooth in the mouth! It melts smoothly on the tongue. The texture is similar to that of ice cream made by cooling and freezing jelly. By the way, the editor who eats the most ice cream in En-Etsu said, "It tastes like 'MOW Vanilla.

Banana ice cream only by rubbing

This is a super easy recipe for "Banana ice cream with just a little bit of rubbing. This simple ice cream has the sticky texture and sweetness of bananas. Just put it in a bag and rub it in!

Super easy recipe "Banana Ice Cream

You can feel the banana pulp here and there, and enjoy its sticky texture and sweetness. You can sometimes feel the banana pulp melting in your mouth, which is addictive and delicious! You can add syrup or chocolate sauce to change the taste if you like. It is recommended for making snacks with children because all you have to do is rub, cool, and harden.

Banana ice cream with just bananas and milk

Here is a recipe for " Banana Ice Cream with Bananas and Milk," which can easily be made by hand using only bananas! By using ripe bananas, the ice cream is sweet and smooth without sugar or cream.

Banana Ice Cream with Banana and Milk Recipe

The moment you take a bite, the melt-in-your-mouth sweetness of the ripe bananas melts and spreads over your mouth with the soft and gentle milk. Cold, smooth, and delicious! The stickiness of the bananas creates a creamy mouthfeel that is very rich and comfortable to eat. It is additive-free, so you can enjoy the natural taste of the ingredients!

Taro Ice Cream

Here is a recipe for surprisingly delicious " taro ice cream. All you have to do is microwave the taro, mix it with sugar and milk, and freeze it.

Recipe for "Taro Ice Cream

It's so good! It is smooth and sticky and melts in your mouth, spreading a mild sweetness with a dense texture and delicious taste! The soft texture of the sweet potato is similar to that of beni imo ice cream often eaten in Okinawa.

Cube Shaped Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream

Easy and cute! Here is a recipe for "Cube Shaped Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream " that can be made in an ice tray. Add your favorite fruit and enjoy.

Recipe for "Cubes of Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream

The mixed berries give the ice cubes a light pink color and a cute appearance. It is also nice to pour the yogurt before adding the fruit to make two layers.