Matcha green tea sweets available at convenience stores

Matcha sweets available at convenience stores

Especially around this time of the year until spring, many matcha green tea sweets and desserts will be available at each convenience store.  Each brand has their original matcha sweets and it is so fun to find the one and only sweets.

However, some matcha sweets can be found at convenience stores throughout the year. Today, we would like to introduce you to some sweets that are currently available at 7-Eleven and Lawson.

7-ELEVEN Matcha Sweets

Matcha Truffles

7-ELEVEN "Matcha Truffle
Source: 7-Eleven official website

These truffles are a must-have for chocolate lovers, combining raw chocolate with a smooth texture and aromatic matcha chocolate. This series also includes strawberry truffles made of  chocolate covered with sweet and sour strawberry chocolate. The packaging also has a luxurious taste.

Uji Matcha Cream Daifuku

7-ELEVEN "Uji Green Tea Cream Daifuku
Source: 7-Eleven official website

Uji green tea matcha whipped cream and matcha bean paste are wrapped in soft and chewy rice cake dough. The top is covered with matcha powder.

Mochi filled with Kuromitsu and matcha chocolate

7-ELEVEN "Mochiru Melt Kuromitsu Kuromitsu Mochi-infused Matcha Chocolate
Source: 7-Eleven official website

The matcha chocolate ball is filled with a kuromitsu, that is rich molten brown sugar and brown sugar, creating a Japanese-style collaboration of brown sugar and matcha.

This product seems to be very popular among foreign tourists on social media.

7-ELEVEN "Mochiru Melt Kuromitsu Kuromitsu Mochi-infused Matcha Chocolate

Uji Green Tea Latte

7-ELEVEN "Uji green tea latte
Source: 7-Eleven official website

This product is a powder that allows you to enjoy a matcha latte like you would at a cafe. The bitterness of the matcha is combined with the delicious taste of milk. It is a product that would also be a great souvenir for foreign countries.

LAWSON Matcha Sweets

Nestle Starbucks Premium Mix Green Tea Latte

LAWSON "Nestle Starbucks Premium Mix Green Tea Latte".

This premium mix series makes it easy to enjoy Starbucks' latte menu at home. Just pour in hot water and enjoy a latte just like you would at a restaurant.

Black Montblanc Giion Tsujiri Matcha & Hojicha

LAWSON "Black Mont Blanc Gion Tsujiri Matcha & Hojicha
Source: Lawson official website

This new product is a collaboration between Takeshita Seika and Gion Tsujiri. The ice cream is made with Gion Tsujiri's matcha and hojicha teas and coated with matcha and hojicha chocolate mixed with the familiar crunch of Black Mont Blanc.

Gion Tsujiri is a Kyoto-based company with a long history of selling Uji tea products. It also has a Japanese-style cafe called Saryo Tsujiri. The company's main business is selling tea, and many of the matcha sweets in convenience stores and supermarkets are made in collaboration with Tsujiri. These products are sold in limited quantities, so be sure to try them out as soon as possible!

Tsujiri O-Naoi Matcha Milk Sandwich

Tsujiri thick green tea milk sandwich

This ice cream is also a collaboration product with Tsujiri, the head family of Uji in Kyoto. It is a matcha cake made with Tsujiri's matcha green tea, sandwiched between thick milk ice cream. You can enjoy the combination of the fine taste of Tsujiri matcha and the rich milk ice cream.

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