"Pumpkin ice cream with 3 ingredients" recipe

Here are three "Arrange Ice" recipes that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. "Pumpkin ice cream," "taro ice cream," and "avocado ice cream." * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article.

Pumpkin ice cream

Amazingly easy and delicious! Introducing the recipe for " Pumpkin ice cream with 3 ingredients ". No eggs or fresh cream is used, just pumpkin, milk and sugar for a rich and smooth finish! It's soothing and smooth, and it's rich! The sweetness of the pumpkin is so strong that it's really delicious!

"Pumpkin ice cream with 3 ingredients" recipe

Taro ice cream

Introducing a surprisingly delicious " taro ice cream " recipe. It's very easy to make because you just cook the taro in the microwave, mix it with sugar and milk and freeze it. It has a smooth and sticky texture with Tron, and has a rich texture and deliciousness that melts in your mouth and spreads a mellow sweetness!

"Taro ice cream" recipe

Avocado ice cream

Just 4 ingredients & knead and cool! Introducing a simple recipe for the exquisite " avocado ice cream ". It can also be stored, so even when you are worried about overripeness. The sweetness is refreshing and not too heavy, but the taste is rich and satisfying.

Simple recipe for "avocado ice cream"