Ippudo "Thick Tsukemen

Ippudo will introduce "Thick Tsukemen" as a standard summer menu item, available from May 23 to the end of August. The price is 980 yen (tax included, same below). For an additional 150 yen, customers can order a "large serving" of noodles, and for an additional 360 yen, they can order "special toppings" such as an extra piece of roasted pork chashu, three sheets of nori, and an extra half-boiled egg.

Ippudo Thick Tsukemen

Ippudo "Thick Tsukemen

Ippudo Tai-Tsukemen is a limited-time-only menu item, and the 2022 version is the largest ever in terms of noodle volume, with a significant increase from 320g (11.29oz) in the 2021 version to 400g (14.11oz) for a regular serving and 600g (21.16oz) for a large serving.

The noodles are made with tapioca flour and cold water to give them a thick, sticky texture. The hot dipping sauce is based on Ippudo's mild pork bone broth and contains fish meal such as bonito, mackerel, and sardine, giving it a rich, seafood flavor.

The soup is also newly served with "special tanuki dama" (tanuki balls). The special tanuki dama is a mixture of tenkasu and sansho-scented black shichimi (seven spice spices), which can be added to the soup to give it a different taste and a crispy texture. The noodles are also topped with roasted pork belly, nori (seaweed), a half-boiled egg, and green onions. The restaurant also recommends dipping the ingredients in the dipping sauce. The remaining dipping sauce can be enjoyed to the last drop by "splitting the soup".

Usually available in mid-June, Ippudo's soup is now available a little earlier than usual so that it can be enjoyed during the steaming days of the rainy season and the early summer when the temperatures begin to rise. Ippudo RAMEN EXPRESS" and "RAMEN EXPRESS Hakata Ippudo", as well as "IPPUDO RAMEN EXPRESS" and "RAMEN EXPRESS Hakata Ippudo", a total of 98 stores in Japan will sell the product.